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The Undertaker Possibly Taking Time Off, MVP and Bret Hart Updates

– Bret Hart is running a Christmas sale on his website at From now until December 25th, every order will ship with a free limited edition commemorative 8×10 from Bret Hart Appreciation Night at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back. The photo is autographed by Bret and has shots from the MSG show and his career highlights from MSG events listed.

– MVP mentioned on Twitter that he wanted to change his look with a new haircut but couldn’t because WWE wouldn’t give him permission due to likeness issues with action figures, video games and other merchandise. MVP called it “a can of worms.”

– The Wrestling Observer reports that if The Undertaker loses the Buried Alive match at Sunday’s Bragging Rights, it is very likely that he will be taking time off for shoulder surgery. Taker is still suffering from a number of injury problems but his shoulder is the main problem right now and he needs surgery on it.

  • andre lewis

    the pg movement is 2 build their next gen of fans but its fucked up because it alienates the older fans the oldschool fans fans of the new generation the attitude era were slapped in the face with this crap i watch wwe because ive been so into wrestling its hard not 2 watch it but at the moment all they wanna do is put everything on john cena like hes some fucking savior like its cena 2 the rescue that shit is annoying as hell nobody but silly kids and horny like his stale cornyass cenation wtf happened 2 word life or the chain gang damn and ppl wonder why mma has taken over

  • john


  • charlemange

    He will lose but he should come back the way he was in early 2000 when he rode the Motorcycle and had the short hair or another gimmick that isnt so demonic its crazy that they went pg but they have to guys on the roster that worship the devil and are satanic but the divas cant have bikini contest or wrestlers cant cuss

  • Davey Zoo

    Undertaker to lose, and come back at WM 27 to win World Heavyweight Title. Kane Retires. Undertaker has another match that night to unify the titles and also gets him to 20-0.

  • erik

    The only reason undertaker mark is still there is to have mccool get titles and every segments and shoved down are throat. Just like bubba ray dudley said on phone interview on howard 101 bubba sponge show taker is respected and bubba said mark is godfather what the fuck. I hope undertaker retires soon so mccool and her little bitch can stopped getting shove down are throats they suck.

  • cody

    @ me

    Why do his number of appearances matter? He is still more than capable of putting on a great match. Yes he has nagging injuries but he does know his body better than you do. If he feels he has a couple years left then more power to him. He has earned that right. Besides, he can work 3 months out of the year and have a couple of good feuds and he would still be contributing more than 80% of the WWE roster. Taker is probably the most over person in wrestling period. Him staying and working a few months out of the year does not hurt a thing.

  • andre lewis

    hey xra whatever your name is it isnt important mind your own fucking business homeboy ppl get their asses kicked 4 sticking their nose where it doesnt belong you bitch

  • me

    oh and taker needs to retire already he makes less appearances than stone cold these days lol

  • me

    that doesn’t make sense, cm punk has drastically changed his look 3 times this year alone

  • cody

    @ Jason

    He actually isn’t worse than Hogan. Unlike Hogan, Taker is actually still capable of bringing something to a show. He is still capable of putting on a 4 or 5 start match. Hogan can do none of those things. An also unlike Hogan once Taker retires he will be gone and will not have to have the spotlight on him after he is done with wrestling. Comparing 2 attention w#hores to Taker is an insult. However, it’s not surprising considering it is coming from a TNA fanatic.

  • Jason

    People from the IWC bash Hogan and Flair too death but not Undertaker when he is just as much of a hasbeen as any of the other old guys in wrestling. Taker is worse then Hogan because Hogan at least is smart enough not to wrestle and go for championships like Taker does every year.

  • xTheXRZAx187

    @andre lewis
    i hate when ppl say stupid **** just 2 make themselves look good youre the ******* lameass you probably never even seen a ****** in your life besides porno sites ******* idiot. follow ur own advice.

  • John

    If WWE still wants Taker to perform for them they should give him an extended break. When I say extented I don’t mean 4 or 5 monthes I mean 10 monthes to a year so he could heal all those nagging injuries to atleast some capacity. It seems that every time he returns its too soon and he gets hurt again very quickly. I mean when was the last time Taker was wrestling injury free? Years ago. Doesn’t WWE give a rat’s ass about the health of one of it’s most loyal performers? Apparently not

  • Julius

    For 20 years Mark Callway aka the Undertaker has broken his neck for these fans and they call him washup fuck you assholes. Undertaker is a legend what have you assclowns done in your retarted lives. He’s beatin everybody he will truly be missed. It’s still his yard he will make your dumbass famous you trick ass smarks!


    I would like to see an inferno match after which Kane has to wear a mask from getting burned- just to bring things full circle.
    Other than his actual retirement I really feel this will be Undertakers last big storyline if he wants to keep going or not- the only way he could continue for any longer period of time, in a form he would be pround of, is to take an extended leave of at least a year to rest

  • zach V

    Adam he WON’T come back as his ministry character he hated it

  • yechiel

    he already took time off after wm 27. this is b.s do us all a favor and retire. you are old and pathetic and it’s really sad to see an old geezer try to wrestle. you are a joke,but a sad one.wwe must make him loose the streak and than he can retire wite some honor and dignity

  • Adam

    @jim That is true or that he is reinventing his character (Ministry of Darkness). Oh and he has won some.

    Undertaker vs. Mankind – In Your House Buried Alive
    Undertaker/Big Show vs. Rock & Sock Connection WWF Tag Team Championship – SmackDown

  • jim

    this is not a suprise i cant remember one burried alive match taker has won..usually if taker is in a casket match or burried alive match that means he is taking a break,

  • leon

    i knew it..Kane vs Taker wm27…its gonna be awesome..

  • andre lewis

    also mvp i feel 4 him i really do the guy was the hottest act along with mr kennedy on smackdown back in 06 07 ever since 2008 hes fell off and i blame the management 4 that a heel mvp is like the sequal 2 the rock he went from an arrogant sports fanatic 2 this im a good guy who has made mistakes dont do what i did that shit sucks the gimmick he has now is suited 2 pre attitude era when wrestling was cartoony well when wwe was cartoony wcw was always real wwe was the one with the crazy characters with supernatural themes the undertaker played an undead mortician papa shango played a voodoo priest the big boss man played a cop you see wwe was like a damn cartoon wcw was never like that wcw was more old school little gimmicks type of place

  • andre lewis

    also taker should give it up before he gets seriously hurt even more then what he already is he wrestles for like a month or 2 then leaves we all know why he takes long absences hes hurt all the old guys from that era should retire kevein nash just retired as did sting there 50 plus takers 45 but hes wrestled longer then both sting and big kev hes been losing 2 put kane over as a monster kane still looks weak hell never capture the demonic aura he had in 1997 1998 he was a big red demon then now hes an old bald fat halfassed version of his former self

  • andre lewis

    soulsroud hey asshole who the fuck you calling lame bret hart is one of the best in history you fucking moron i bet youre a new wrestling fan you the lameass this era or pro wrestling sucks ass compared 2 the late 90s eraly 00s you saying lame this lame that look in the mirror you dumb idiot lets see you wrestle 300 days a yr i doubt you could do thati hate when ppl say stupid shit just 2 make themselves look good youre the fucking lameass you probably never even seen a vagina in your life besides porno sites fucking idiot

  • Soulshroude

    Commemorative 8×10, ahhhh (McCully Culkin scream)… Lame… yeah, like anyone really wants to buy some lame wanna be legends vanity pic.

    Well, they just spoiled the burried Alive Match. Taker obviously looses for his shoulder surgery to take place. Blah… Lame…

    Ack, I am the resident troll and I just relized it. I must be tired. Lame… HA!

  • Kelly

    Boga: i think he wants to go a little longer, although I wouldn’t blame him, and he’s far from a washup, he needs to retire before he really hurts himself now.

  • Nah the dirtsheets is fool o crap… He will win the Buried Alive Match and Kane will come back later as a different character.

  • Boga

    Retire already, big man.