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Thunder’s Take: TNA Lockdown 2012: Thoughts And Predictions

Lockdown is traditionally one of TNA’s biggest ppv events of the year, and this one has a solid looking card with a potentially incredible main event. Despite TNA producing fairly mediocre programming every week, they are still afloat. For that reason, I will remain optimistic about this show and what it could do for the future of TNA. I’m going to briefly discuss each match here and give my predictions for how I think TNA will book the show.

STEEL CAGE: TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Robbie E vs. Devon: Since Robbie E’s open challenge, neither one of these guys has been seen on TNA television. Anybody else see the irony here? Robbie E. is a talented athlete and has the potential to be a big star in the industry. Not placing him on regular programming and not placing the TV Champion on your TV show makes very little sense to me. I predict Devon to retain the TV Title in this match.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim: It’s the knockouts. It’s in a cage. I don’t think the cage will be too much of a factor, but I’m sure it will be another solid match delivered by these two. I predict Velvet Sky to become the new Knockouts Champion.

STEEL CAGE: WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: MCMG vs. Magnus & Joe: Magnus and Joe are not my favorite tag team in the world. MCMG needs real competition. I expect them to put on their best effort and prove why Joe and Magnus are just a ripoff of what a tag team is supposed to be. Unfortunately, I expect TNA’s booking to schedule Magnus and Joe to keep the titles and continue the chase for the Guns.

STEEL CAGE MATCH: “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle won the last match between these two. Gimmick matches are where Jeff Hardy accelerates. I predict Jeff Hardy to get a win and keep this rivalry going for at least another ppv.

LETHAL LOCKDOWN: Team Eric Bischoff vs. Team Garett Bischoff: Team Garett will feature Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Ken Anderson, RVD and Garett Bischoff. Team Eric will consist of Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Kaz, Gunner and Eric Bischoff himself. This match showcases the finest talent that TNA has to offer. I hope it ends up being a focus on the talent and not too much emphasis on Bischoff and son. I’m sick of Eric Bischoff being on TV. This isn’t the 1990s and TNA should desire more than to have a former WCW executive as a producer for their show. This match should be great. I expect team Garett to get the win and Bischoff to be storyline forced to leave Impact Wrestling.

STEEL CAGE MATCH: “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Crimson: I don’t think even a cage can make a match between these two entertaining. I’d like to predict the end of Crimson’s winning streak, but I don’t believe TNA will book it that way. I predict Crimson to win this match.

STEEL CAGE: MAIN EVENT FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Bobby Roode (champion) vs. “Cowboy” James Storm: What does TNA do with potentially great matches? A lot of the time, they ruin them. Locking these two inside a steel cage and letting them give it their all seems like a way to make certain they have an awesome match. I hope I’m right about that. With everything happening in the storyline this way, I want James Storm to continue chasing the title. I predict Bobby Roode will retain the World Heavyweight Championship after a long battle.

There you have it. I’ll have NXT and ROH columns up next. I don’t know what else might be done by the weekend. Until next time, this has been Thunder’s take! – add me

  • i don,t see why garrett is tha captin of that team,because he,s not a top star i hope matt morgan tell crimson ugly a$$ up wannabe wwe goldberg and sheamus,i don,t see gail kim and velvet is in a cage match,i really don,t care cause i don’t even watch them i’m a fan of the WWE!, i use to watch TNA but,not any more cause there lame now,and they not the same

  • Jason

    Joe Thunder I have no idea what you are smoking but Impact wrestling has been miles better then anything produced by the WWE these last eight months.

  • Dave

    Fully see where you are coming from. I’d actually like to see it be rechristened as the Xplosion Championship. Make it a title to be defended on the Xplosion show. But keep it as a belt to be feuded over by the lower and mid card wrestlers. Kinda like the WWF European Championship used to be.

  • Joe Thunder

    Yeah we don’t have it on regular programming here in the states, but I still have an issue with that. It’s the TELEVISION Title. Would it not make sense to have it shown and defended on your main TELEVISION program?

  • Dave

    You need to look for TNA Xplosion. Not sure if they show it in the States, but in the last 2 weeks we’ve had Devon vs Robbie T and Devon vs Kid Kash for the TV Championship both times. I think being a minor title, it gets most of its outings on the minor show.

  • Jarad

    ‘Despite TNA producing fairly mediocre programming every week, they are still afloat’

    I stopped reading there.

    Typical internet dirtsheet bias, not worth reading the nonsense. Same old sh*t from you people.