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Thunder’s Take: TNA Lockdown 2013 Preview

X-Division Championship:
Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

JT: There was a whole bunch of X-Division guys at the Destination X ppv last year, and where are they now? Kenny King JUST won the title from RVD, and I don’t think he’ll be losing it any time soon. King retains and the match is solid. Confidence points: 5

Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan.

JT: Park hasn’t done much since he finished training, and what I dislike even less is that Joey Ryan has barely been booked either. This will probably be a throwaway match, and if TNA is smart then Joey Ryan will get the win. Confidence Points: 2

Robbie E vs. Rob Terry

JT: I’m not sure what the chemistry will be like between these two, and I’m not sure the match will be given a fair amount of time. I don’t what exactly TNA has in store for either of these men, but it’d be nice to see Robbie E wrestle in the X-Division in some competitive matches. I’m guessing E will come up with some sort of plan to come out of this match the winner. Confidence points: 3

Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky ©

JT: TNA has continued to deliver us some quality female wrestling as of late. Why is this the only thing they do really well? I don’t see Velvet losing here, but rather I see Gail Kim(the top vet of the KO division) putting over Velvet as the new face of women’s wrestling. Confidence points: 5

Tag Team Championship
Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries © vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero

JT: The talent in this match makes it a likely candidate for match of the night. The six of these men should put on quite a spotfest match if nothing else. So who wins? You would think TNA would book Chavo and Hernandez as the faces to come away victorious, but I don’t see that this time around. I expect a returning AJ Styles to cost Bad Influence the match, so I guess my prediction is that Bobby Roode and Austin Aries retain the gold. Confidence points:1

Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

JT: I’m not a fan of Wes Brisco. WWE cut him, and he’s yet to impress me with his ability in the ring. Can Kurt Angle carry Wes to a great match? On the optimistic side, If anyone can, it’s Kurt. On the other hand, the match could look like Lance Storm/Mike Bennett from Showdown last year in which Storm carried the whole thing and made it look like a sparring session. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen here. I’m going outside the box and predicting Wes Brisco to get the upset win. Confidence points: 2

Aces & 8s vs. Team TNA(Samoa Joe, Magnus, Sting, James Storm, and Eric Young)

JT: If TNA wanted their booking of Aces and Eights to pay off, someone on Team TNA would double cross and A&E would pick up the win. But since TNA has booked this rivalry all wrong, I’ll pick Team TNA to get the win. Confidence points: 5

Bully Ray (challenger) vs. Jeff Hardy (champion)

JT: Bully Ray wins. TNA finally gives him what he wants after all the better talent is booked on the midcard of this pay per view. Makes a ton of sense. On a brighter note, these guys had an awesome match at No Surrender last year and I’m excited to see what they can pull off inside the cage. Confidence points: 5

My thoughts are brief for the show, and that’s mostly because I’m just not overly excited by TNA television recently. The one thing that TNA seems to do pretty well is give us 95% wrestling on these pay per views. Matt Morgan isn’t on the card. The X-Division is hardly talked about. There’s rumors swirling about Bobby Roode no longer being under contract to TNA, but I really don’t see him not performing on the show. I don’t love the card here, but the potential is definitely there on paper for a good show; I’ll remain optimistic! Thanks for reading!

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