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TLC Attendance Concern, Cena Comments on The Shield, Eve

– AJ Lee tweeted after last night’s RAW and called it a “New Jersey Screw Job.” John Cena replied and commented on The Shield:

“I would have called it NJ intimate time, but to each their own. Anyway in non intimate affairs, @WWE steel horse gets some down time in mass, see you in Wilkes B., on Sat, may tout some #snatch 2morrow. And it appears as if Ive just inherited some beef from The Shield. Well, in time we will see what they’re made of. Signing off @WWE”

– The Cosmopolitan magazine Twitter account noted on Monday that WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres was in their offices to school them on “ass kicking.” Apparently Eve will will be featured in an upcoming issue. Cosmo posted this photo:

eve torres cosmo

– There is some concern over the number of tickets sold for Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York – WWE’s first show at the new arena. The feeling is that it will likely sell out on the day of the show.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Aj’s ass

    Eve has nice hairy arms. Would love to smell those

  • Tombstone

    Ramble much?
    Damn, Punk has been champion for a year. Cena has lost to him on a few occasions now, Pretty sure he is fixing to put over Dolph at TLC. And yet you still complain constantly about him? I am in no way saying he is the best, Just saying it is time to let it go, their doing alot of things different now.

  • Jimbo

    Low ratings and low attendance can only be blamed on everything except for the PG rating, right Vince?

  • eric

    wwe is boring. can vince quiting pushing cena? this one of many reasons i and others don’t watch raw on week to week basics. wwe very perdictable not entertaining. same crap. put cena in every main events on tv and ppv. have cena win wwe title lose it yr or so later put it back on him. all superstars are recycle charcters from 90’s dophl ziggler is billy gun wannabe. all he need is roaddog saying oh u didn’t know. brodus with his dancing entrance. he is rhikishi 12 yrs ago. cena with kiddies and lame 5 moves of doom. is this generation hulk hogan. there is no new charcter that are orignal. why does so many people keep buying tickets for wwe. i get u people grew uo with wwe. wwe is boring. tna is atleast decent atm. if u want wwe change or get better. support tna go to there live events. order there ppv buy dvds merhcandise. if tna become competion wwe will force go tv 14 go back way it was in 90’s

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Did Cena just say snatch? Please translate that message cuz my head is going elsewhere. The first part is to AJ. The second part is to the shield. Is Cena talkin dirty?