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TMZ Picks Up on CM Punk’s Homophobic Slur Towards WWE Fan in Australia

– TMZ has picked up on CM Punk isulting a WWE fan at the live event in Australia this weekend.

They wrote:

“WWE bad guy CM Punk was caught on camera screaming “You homo!” at a fan during a verbal altercation in Australia today … this as the WWE has said repeatedly they are trying to curb homophobic slurs.

The wrestling organization works directly with GLAAD and even produced a series of anti-bullying commercials following incidents involving announcer Michael Cole and wrestler John Cena.

Calls to GLAAD and WWE were not returned.”

  • venom

    Punk can say what he wants. TMZ are a bunch of losers trying to make everybody look bad, but who is reporting their negative lives.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    There’s naked photos of Miley Cyrus?!?

  • Ant

    hahaha WTF when they came here to australia for the WM 22 tour the whole crowd was chanting “Finlay’s a Wanker” and he got out of the ring and and said “I’m not a wanker cause im not australia” isnt that a bit worse?

  • Jason

    Homo isnt just homosexual. By technicality we’re ALL homos … Homo-sapiens. Have them prove what Punk meant.

  • Andy


    It is considered to be homophobic because you are using the word in a negative way. As in being homosexual is a bad thing.

  • thetalkingbox

    so you say homo and its the worst insult you could make.

    but people can say all they want about fat people. Does a fatass and a homo have different feelings? do they get offended differently?

  • KitKrock

    your gay.
    gay gay gay.

    gay = happy.

  • mark

    Punk probably feels he can say or do anything he wants. wot they going to do fire him? hes leaving anyway

  • Rob

    They really need to grow up. It’s not like Punk kicked the crap out of a ticket paying customer. If he did that, then that would be bad. But he’s playing a fucking heel. Let him be a fucking heel. If you don’t like it, watch Barney instead. The problem with that is, if you do decide to watch that, then you are also subject to homo slurs because I doubt anybody would be able to control themselves if they caught you watching that garbage.

  • CMP

    This has nothing to do with the “PC Brigade”, that doesn’t exist, it’s a made up term by the media, such as TMZ, they’re the ones bringing this up because they have an agenda to push – in reality, as far as I’m aware, nobody has complained about it. It’s just TMZ trying to draw attention to themselves.

  • CC

    It wasnt a televised event, wasnt a kiddie show and was an verbal insult between two (or three) adults who were enjoying themselves.

    I do understand why they would want to curb this on tv as thats the way tv is, but just cause someone put it on youtube doesnt make it televised. Its no different to someone videoing their own friends calling eachother homos.

  • CenaSucks

    what a joke seriously, thank fuck Rock and Austin were about when they were especially Rock, can you imagine all the shit the PC wankers would jump on Rock for these days

  • CM Mark

    What, no Miley Cyrus naked photos today? Well I guess we’ll pick on the WWE then… Idiots.

  • CiB

    On the one hand- homophobic slurs are bad.

    On the other- Punk is playing a character- a character who TMZ notes is “a bad guy”. If our villains can’t do bad things, what the fuck are we going to have in our fiction instead? He’s the bad guy- he’s allowed to do things that people shouldn’t- thats why he’s the bad guy.

  • Camille

    Ugh…fuck the PC brigade. Seriously.

  • Marvin

    What the…..Calling someone a homo is not being a bully