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TMZ Reports New Details on Bill Goldberg’s Return to the Ring

– TMZ has confirmed new details on Bill Goldberg’s return to the ring for charity. Here’s their report:

For the first time in 7 years … Bill Goldberg is FINALLY GONNA WRESTLE AGAIN — and TMZ has learned it’s all to raise money for charity.

Goldberg — the most famous Jewish wrestler of all-time — tells us he has agreed to wrestle in a match in Africa next month and 100% of the proceeds will benefit various charitable organizations.

The former WWE champ and master of the Jackhammer tells us he’s fired up about his triumphant return … and has already stepped up his workouts so he can be as ripped as possible.

Goldberg adds, “At this time, the only thing that would get me back in the ring is something that would positively impact those in need. If selling out another major event would allow me to bring a ship full of supplies to hand out to those in need, I’d say that would be very significant.”

  • jay are

    way to go goldberg! lesner has a big problem, his ego!! one more time against brock and send him packing. wwe or tna don’t do things like that have a charity match. they should have a charity nite that the wrestlers would fight other wrestlers from different federations for charity. that would be awsome!!

  • elvisD

    Duke the dumpster drosey is awaiting a phone call

  • The Man

    Repo man is ratings

  • Repo Man

    What about Raven?

  • Ricardo

    That people would compare Goldberg putting on a bad show at one event to charity… is beyond me. Oh, how I pity the poor fans who have dozens of dollars to spend at a PPV – or Internet connection to pirate it.

  • D2K

    Both he and Lesnar have admitted that their match at WMXX was a mistake and they should have performed more professionally. Both guys were frustrated beyond their limits with WWE and it spilled over into their ring performance. It’s not a big deal.

    Personally I think the well being of the entertainers is more important than me being entertained. I don’t ‘need’ to be entertained and I certainly don’t want to be entertained at the expense of someone physical, mental, or spiritual well being. It’s not all that serious. They were tired, frustrated, and did not love what they did anymore. I can relate to that. If anything, I have MORE respect for them leaving the company so younger stars could get their shot versus just staying around even though their hearts were no longer in it putting on a front.

  • venom

    Wow, I am shock Goldeberg is trying to do a good deed. Last time I checked, he spit in all of the fans face during his match against Lesnar. He didn’t care of crappy that match was because it was his last. At least he is doiong this for a good reason. So who is jobbing to him?

  • Sean Mooney

    The most famous Jewish wrestler of all time? Barry Horowitz is on the phone with his lawyer right now.

  • Bill

    Ok, I see. The reason why this African wrestling federation advertised so many top stars for it’s show is to make more money that they wanted to donate to charity. Either that, or they’re lying & are going to run off with the money….. haha. I wonder if there’s anyway for us here to see Goldberg when he returns…..