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TMZ Reports On John Cena’s Date With Nikki Bella, NXT Talent Works Raw House Show

– is reporting on the photos that surfaced online of John Cena attending former WWE Diva Nikki Bella’s ten-year high-school reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona last week. TMZ notes that Cena was “getting up close and personal” with Nikki on the dance floor. Regarding their relationship status, the website states, “It’s unclear if Cena and Bella are “officially” an item … but they definitely weren’t shy with the PDA at the reunion.”

Nikki’s sister Brie also attended the function with Daniel Bryan, her boyfriend.

– WWE developmental wrestler Corey Graves (f/k/a Sterling James Keenan on the independent circuit) competed at Friday’s Raw live event in a “Special Attraction Match” against Zack Ryder.

The NXT star mocked Ryder’s social media presence during his ring entrance as he vowed to become famous the old fashioned way: By embarrassing people like Ryder. He then said he created a new hashtag for Ryder: BooHooHooGravesJustKickedMyAss. Ryder won the bout with the Rough Ryder.

– Former WWE Diva Trinity turns 41-years-old Saturday.

  • Chris

    Brie and Daniel childs 1st words:YES! YES! YES!

  • hf part two

    the bellas are ugly, but they must have tight p@ssies since dbry and cena are with them.


    Brie was there w/ Daniel Brian, her bf.

    Read the article.

  • Buttercastle

    How about we leave the religious talk out of the comments and focus on what’s more important. Cena getting all the ladies and leaving none for us.

    Also if it was Nikki Bella’s reunion wouldn’t it also have been Brie’s? Unless she went to a different highschool but I figured these two were attached at the hip and did everything together.

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  • @Ricardo who said he was holy and religious? Where do u see in his comment that he said that because i don’t see it. I mean yea what he said was full of shit but u can’t throw him under the “religous” bus because he said morals. Bro u really pissed me off with that. RNS

  • Epic

    who cares about parody-wrestler like Cena are ? lol

  • Break it down

    Cena 316 says I just divorced my wife


    i guess some vagabonds are disliking my comments…….

  • Apacaveli

    john cena needs a new finishing move and a complete tool next TMZ lolz can u imagine……

  • Ricardo

    @Jerk Factor: Wow, you’re really living up to your alias. You don’t get thumbs down because your opinion is edgy and unpopular, you do because your holier than thou pseudo-morals are sick. I always love it when I see religious people who contradict themselves at every step. To call a model a whore, to discard her as a woman when you don’t even know her personally, to judge Cena and his fans for simple association with her, and on top of that to mean-spiritedly call another woman “weird looking” – and it’s others who don’t have morals? Judge not lest you be judged, you fat, Jesus-fucker, idiotic asshole.

  • Tombstone

    A.J. is weird looking? Man just cause you wake up every morning looking at the 300lb bearded goat lady beside you, you think attractive women are weird looking?

  • Jerk Factor

    I know this is going to get thumbs downed to hell but AJ is weird looking and Nikki is a filthy whore who poses for photos of herself suggestively cosying up to her SISTER. But hey, whatever, Cena fans obviously have no morals, just like Cena.

  • Tombstone



    CENA SUCKS!!!!
    I HATE HIM!!!!

  • Prince

    Cena gets to make out with AJ on TV and Nikki in real life. Living the dream.