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TMZ Reports Matt Hardy Has Been Rushed to the Hospital

– TMZ reports today that Matt Hardy has been rushed to the hospital after falling at home. Here’s their report:

“Troubled wrestling star Matt Hardy was rushed to an emergency room in North Carolina this morning after falling down in his home … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Matt tell us … the ex-TNA star hadn’t been feeling well … but it’s unclear as to what caused Matt to fall down.

So far, the extent of his injuries are unknown — but a family member tells us Hardy is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

It’s been a rough month for Hardy — as TMZ first reported, he was arrested on suspicion of DWI last weekend and was subsequently fired from his gig at TNA wrestling.”

  • StudDog

    nick is awsome says: Huh? Maybe if you used some punctuation I could understand half of what you said.

    Venom: Not really defending Matt as much as wondering why you hate on him so much?(did he spurn your advances?) And wondering why if you must constantly insult him cant you at least come up with something original? Thin you must have posted the fatt thing about 100 times now.

  • nick is awsome says:

    To stud dog you are probably rite i will never own a vet becuse im not a vet kinda guy I prefer something more like gremlin or some kinda mazda thanks for talking about my car choice asshole thats private just joking with you but after reading your insight on spelling i want to be just like you so im selling my house moving into a trailer park only wear hardy boys clothing and snorting crushed up vikodin off posters of fat sweaty matt hardy. and his name whas chandler you ruined your whole spelling and grammer insult thing by spelling that one thing wrong dam you really suck. And its not my fault i spelled a bunch of things wrong i got really high and fell down sorry. But i still know a guy that has a corvette( i think i spelled it rite if not my spell check bitch will let me know) for sale the price went down even more lemme know

  • nick is awsome says:

    To venom they are very close hardy just droped some baby batter in his mouth. and Matt i dont hate i just observe and reply

  • nick is awsome says:

    Stud dog you to with the gramer i feel like im arguing with a bunch of old men. and if you and super hitler dave dont like the hardy jokes then dont read them does it hurt your feelings that people dont like your idol matt hardy and if so why do you like him like i said in previouse posts a second rope leg drop doesnt make you extreme it just shows that matt hardy has gotton fatter and fatter and gets winded when going to the top rope. And him getting winded and falling down is even more proof that he is way to fat becuse accourding to you and super hitler matt hardy doesnt do drugs so how did he crash his car and how did he “fall” down. And me boring please if i was so boring you wouldnt be responding to my posts obviously im the high point in your day so my next question for you to ponder between writing hardy love letters and his on comming obituary is do you prefer hardys shaft or his balls in your mouth cockspert.

  • Matt

    to guys like venom, nick is “awesome”, and co:

    Hate isn’t good for your health. Please relax and consult a psychiatrist if needed.

  • venom

    I am still waiting to hear why you get so offended by Fatt Hardy jokes. You two must be close.

  • venom

    Oh that’s a good one. When did I ever mention CM Punk? I never said he was the best or anything like that. That’s why you are defending Fatt Hardy. You are both bipolar and hear voices in your head. I am praying for you too.

  • StudDog

    Yet you defend CM Punk who constantly claims to be the best in the world? Not hating on Punk, He is good. But it is very clear you have a major man crush on him. As for being the internet police, If I was I would have throne you and @nick is awesome in jail and tossed out the key. Nick for not being able to form coherent sentences and you just for being boring as hell.

  • venom

    I do say different jokes. It sounds like you are the only person that gets offended by Fatt Hardy jokes. These are jokes are towards Fatt Hardy who he believes he is the best in the world. For some odd reason you get offended.

  • venom

    @nick is awesome

    You are right. This site should be for fun. Sounds like StudDog and Dave are the police on WE. Those two are probably under The Hardy Boyz payroll.

  • StudDog

    @nick is awsome says:
    iv(something you get in the hospital) maybe you meant I’ve, multy( I have no idea, maybe you mean multie.), drug bing (bing wasnt that candlers last name on friends? everyoen (whats up with that?) corvet (clearly you cant spell it and will probably never own a corvette), perscription (LOLOLOL),

    Dont you ever get tired of posting the same old lame fatt hardy jokes? Cause everyone else sure gets tired of reading them. Can you not at least come up with something new and original?

  • nick is awsome says:

    To dave what is a troll exactly and form a sentence your talkin crap about grammer and your telling me to grow up. So you want me to feel sorry for matt hardy becuse you do and you say i think im better than everyone else but your the one that sure is casting allot of judgment i told you that you were a nazi. So super hitler go out there and fix the wrestling world since you care so much but you wont becuse as you say it makes me feel better to bash hardy it equally makes you feel better to defend him im guessing your in your early 30’s a church man still looking for that rite girl on thats going to marry you and get you out of your parents basement while seceretly harboring resentment for people like me that dont care what they say taking your frustrations out on the web and hookers matt hardy could die and i wouldnt care but you would. Not becuase your a good person but becuse you want to look like one I come on here to have fun and if you dont like blow me super hitler and im sorry you cant be me

  • StudDog

    My prayers or with you Matt. Also with you Jeff. I hope you are ok and I hope you both get your lives straight.
    Ignore all the assholes on here who only come to make jokes belittle others, They just do it cause their own lives are so pathetic and this is the only way to feel better about themselves.

  • Mazdog23

    Sounds to me like he could have suffered a concussion from the crash. He might not have been diagnosed at the time correctly due to the impairment of the pills he was on.

  • venom

    Yes, a lot of wrestlers get hooked on to pain pills and other drugs. Nobody forces them to do it. If they feel they need drugs to be a wrestler, then they should change their profession. I never knew Fatt Hardy would end up like a Scott Hall, and Jake The Snake. I don’t feel sorry for Fatt and Helm’s accidents. Nobody makes you drink and drive. There is nothing wrong with drinking at home,or taking a taxi to a bar, or simply just don’t get so trashed if you are going to drive.

  • Eric Nixon

    @Tyler: We’re not back peddling. Most of us are complete assholes. We don’t want to see him dead, we just don’t want to see him wrestle anymore. We’d be content to simply see him wander off into obscurity.

  • and LOL at some of the people here, I’ve seen them insult Matt now he fell over, they’re saints, hypocrits.

  • Treg

    TMZ Reports Wrestling Star Matt Hardy sneezes

    Sources close to Matt tell us the ex-TNA star hadn’t been feeling well, but it’s unclear as to what caused Matt to sneeze.

  • Dave

    To the little troll (Nick):

    Learn how to form a freaking sentence before talking out of your ass. You don’t even know the guy so who the fuck are you to judge his life. People like Matt Hardy need help. Did it ever occurred to you that many wrestlers have a drug addiction problem and that many of them died because of it? Of course you don’t realize it because you think you are better than anybody else. The wrestling business is sick and something must be done about it or many more wrestler die before they are 40. Just because Matt didn’t accomplish as much as HBK or Bret Hart doesn’t mean that you have to shit on him. You probably enjoy it because it makes you feel better about your pathetic life. GROW UP

  • theMark

    I’m callin it: Fat Hardy will be dead by the end of the week

  • Jimbo

    Don’t mind Devil_Rising, he feels the need to white knight the Internet, because you know, t3h internetz is t3h srs biznezz, guyz.

  • Eric Nixon

    In all seriousness, I hope Matt Hardy finds what he’s looking for. Also, in all seriousness, I hope what he’s looking for is not to be in my home via a television screen.

  • shawn

    couldve been drugs, or maybe he was sick. ive passed out before because the only thing i had for breakfast that day was muscle supplements and i was doing construction. you guys can rag on me but you dont know me. and you dont know matt hardy. drugs are a good guess, but did he kick sand in your vagina? be optimistic.

  • nick is awsome says:

    To everyoen else I know a guy thats selling a used corvet to pay off some “medical bills” its also a little banged up and has some front end damage it may have hit a tree or two. The trunk is full of Matt hardys unreleased autobiography titled Matt hardy my xtreme life on the edge of obesity and the sad twist of fate that is my sorry life. And the trunk also has a ton of empty perscription bottles for someone name Mathew Hardy the car is going dirt cheap lemme know if your interested

  • nick is awsome says:

    @At dave i totally agree with you i hope i find some drugs that are so good it knocks my ass out and i fall to and yes i am very happy about matt crashing his car and falling down and doing what ever stupid thing he is about to do in the future becuse iv said it all along matt hardy thinks he is bigger than the business that he has acomplished something and he expects people to clap for him for what he has done honestly what has he done he got to bang lita i applaud him for that but what else has he done what titles has he actually earned off his own accolades and not the hardy boy name or his brothers name and you wishing harm upon the thousands and thousands of hardy haters makes you worse than us we just wish one turd would get flushed and you want all of us to go on a multy day drug bing and crash our cars and go on youtube and make no sense and then get so high and “fall” is your last name hitler you nazi And @ devil rising i dont live near any cliffs so what am i supposed to do and to MARK i say kick him and then run him over when he is down

  • Dave

    I guess all the loosers that bashed Matt in the recent months are happy now? You guys are a poor excuse of a human being and I hope that someday you too will have something like this happening to you.

  • Omar

    If this is genuine; then I hope Matt is OK.

    If this is a publicity stunt; then I hope Matt doesnt even get bookings in Indies!!!

  • @Devil_Rising – So wait, you’re telling people to commit suicide?, for ‘celebrating’ what was obviously eventually gonna happen to one of the Hardys.

    Ironically, You’re more classless for telling people to die, He isn’t dead, he fell. jesus.

  • Stumpy

    i guess the grapes finally fermented… and then he ate too many of them.

  • Devil_Rising

    Anybody celebrating something like this, needs to jump off a cliff, because you’re a classless excuse for a human being.

  • Adrian

    @CM Punks Promo Well, even still. Jeff is the more messed up one. Matt hasn’t done shit yet compared to all the dumb shit Jeff has done/probably still is doing.

  • mark

    Easy to kick a guy when hes down eh!!!!

  • Bill

    I’m really scared for the next major story about Matt Hardy’s condition. I never liked this “Fatt Hardy”. You see, I remember a good Matt Hardy(especially during his stint on SD as a face). His feud over not being able to bet Finlay, teaming up with MVP then facing him, etc. I’m going to be honest, but at the rate Matt Hardy is going, & I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I think Matt’s going to……. no, let’s see if any of you can finish this sentence. What a shame.

  • tj

    he fell because the weight of his belly caused him to stumble forward!!!!!and then he fell….
    all kidding aside though, his biggest mistake ever was going to tna….he should have went to japan and stayed away for a while. Instead he stayed in the North America and burned his bridges with the wwe……
    good luck matt in your future…if u have one!!!

  • nick is awsome says:

    wheres the morons with the wrestling edge trolls rejoice now. Your hero is falling down hill fast and your not defending him so much after the last couple of days and his weird ass actions or is it the three that kept defending him were really the hardly boys and reby sky and your all to messed up to defend matt now. matt hardy cant get on celebrity rehab becuse he isnt even on the level of a b list celeb ha ha he has to go to normal rehab like everyone else

  • skitzo

    Both Hardys need to call it a career and go home for good. If you cannot deal with the wrestling life without resorting to drug abuse, get out. I don’t want to read Matt’s obituary online because of stupidity.

  • Thestinger

    That explaines his recent YouTube video..

  • JIR

    They are taking turns

  • Alan Wake

    Such a shame to see a great wrestler hit rock bottom like this. I really hope he can get past this.