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Recent TNA Attendance Figures, Trailer & News on Sting’s Most Recent Movie

– Here are some recent TNA attendance figures:

* June 16th in London, Ontario drew 1,000 fans
* June 17th in Toronto, Ontario drew 1,000 fans
* June 18th in Buffalo, NY with Hulk Hogan drew 2,000 fans for BaseBrawl

– Sting stars in a new Christian movie called “The Encounter” that was released earlier this month on DVD. He told The Baltimore Sun the following about the movie:

“It’s about five people traveling down a road, and due to weather they all get stuck. They end up at a diner, which maybe one or two of them saw, and the rest of them never did. They go into the diner and have an encounter with a guy named Jesus, who actually ends up being Jesus Christ. He meets each one of us where we are in our lives. We’re all then forced with a choice to make, to either accept him or not. It really covers pretty much every walk – every person who has that choice.”

Here’s the trailer:

  • Gary

    the movie looking decent…after i watch it i will reply with my thoughts

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    OUCH! That is why TNA wont be more than just a “Minor League” wrestling company! and as for @really!…hell yea long live the E to C to the W!


  • really!

    ECW was put together a lot better creatively than TNA, Paul just didn’t know how to handle the financial side (according to “sources”)

    ECW was innovative helping launch the attitude era, TNA just copies WWE badly

  • Sparky Plug

    Nobody gives TNA the time of day because Impact is borderline unwatchable. If they listened to their own stupid motto and just focused on wrestling they would be good. The triple threat x division matches have been fantastic lately. But those are the only decent parts of the shows. They have some real talented wrestlers who are for the most part all held back by some of the worst writing and booking in the history of pro wresling.

  • Jared

    I said it before I will say it again. America does not like good shit they like simplistic bullshit like WWE, American Idol etc. Europe knows its wrestling music and comedians. I went to three live Monday Night Raw shows in the past 5 years and two TNA house shows. and I gotta admit them two tna shows were better and alot funner even my friends who went to raw and tna with me in a matter of 3 months said tna is alot better live.

    It just sucks that no one will give them the time of day just like ECW.

  • venom

    It’s a shame that the attendence is so poor.

  • ##

    CC name one indy event that pulled in close to 1000? pfft….

  • CC

    Attendance figures of 1000?
    I know some indy promotions that pull in more than that.

    I know they have bigger attendance when they come over here, but seems that in the USA there just isnt an interest level like a televised promotion should have.

  • Chuva

    Considering ringside were $70 in London, it’s not shocking. But 1,000 people in a 9,000 seat arena? Pretty sad. Even in their 2,800 seat “half arena” setup it’s sad.