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TNA Begins New Storyline for Abyss, New Knockout Tag Team Champs and More

– OVW Heavyweight Champion Johnny Spade is working this weekend’s TNA live events. TNA developmental talent and reality star Jessie Godderz is also on the road with the crew this weekend.

– Eric Young and ODB became the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, defeating Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. After the match, Young and ODB got engaged.

– Abyss was trending worldwide on Twitter Thursday night after TNA began a storyline where his “brother” is out searching for him. The storyline sees Mr. Joseph Park, who is just an unmasked Abyss, looking for his brother.

  • adam

    Santino never won the actual title he won ms wrestlemania but not the womens or divas title.

  • Sting

    Man will you guys give it a fckin rest……wcw and wwf/e and ecw stolen shit from eachother since the 1980s maybe even earlier…..i mean it is really a simple concept that i am sure You weekend know it all about wrestling people know..DO NOT WATCH IT AND LET THE ONES WHO ENJOY WATCHING IT..WATCH IT…since of course you all get paid to sit here and whine and cry about everything they throw your way…Yet you are just a fan…for everyone that doesnt like something there is at least 5 people that do like it….So now lets look back…wwe had santino marella dress in drag(Correct?)To what win a title?oh my…Now because tna has a funny storyline going with two great characters…You cry about it…But its ok for the wwe to do it right??LMAO you people call yourselfs fans…well why do you bash something you are such a great fan of??I mean really just shut up go watch john chana or whatever his name is..tata for now

  • adam

    Exactly no matter how bad people say vince is to his talent at least he doesnt go out and have tyson kid win the divas title. I have said it once and i will say it a million times dixie carter has no buisness being involved in the wrestling industry. She was just a spoiled little rich girl who said daddy i wanna by a wrestling company and he found the easiest one to get into and gave it to her and no she thinks she knows how to run it but has no idea and its obvoius. Also jason you said all this crap is advancing there charcters how does this do anything but become a complete embaresment to eric youngs charcter.

  • Jason

    You WWE marks think your so funny with your fake accounts of me I work for TNA and I could totally sue all of you with my awesome TNA lawyers and just because were recycling old story lines we’ve already used that we stole from WWE in the first place and we don’t use the x division anywhere near the way we should and we keep bashing WWE knowing good and damn well we don’t have near the money they do and we supress our best talent just to use WWE botchfest wrestlers who almost injured Randy orton with a simple move hornswoggle wouldn’t botch doesnt mean we can kick their ass if we wanted to oh in case I didn’t mention it multiple times I work for TNA

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’m more interested in the satire Jason account/s than the Abyss storyline. No TNA mark has the right to bash WWE for the way Vince treats the divas when TNA does the same by having a male win a women’s title…


    I wouldnt say the abyss story is trending all over the world dude isnt exactly the hole world. I know the site is global but just because its being discused here doesnt mean everyone is really that intrested most people r insulting it. Now if it was a typo and its not him being his own bro ok but as of how its posted now its kind of crazy.

  • Jason

    You guys just dont understand TNA they dont need you people to like there story’s or there show they are fine with out all of you people. They dont need ratings to show they are a good show its evident by them not leaving orlando and having a fan base in our little bubble.

  • adam tarasievich

    ya good job tna by making a storyline that wont produce well because its a guy playing his own brother and they cant be in the same place at the same time makes perfect sense. Also having a former x division and tv champ be a knockout tag champ is a disgrace poor eric young.

  • Ancorash

    FAIL!!! is like kane and taker storyline……..

  • Jason

    Guys you dont understand tna doesnt need you guys to like them or there ideas. This idea with abyss looking for himself is going to be huge its going to change the face of wrestling. Just like eric young winning the knockouts tag title is going to make him a main eventer dont you guys realize it yet.

  • Kris

    They coudl do a storyline where somehw ones keeps spoiling the others chances at stuff and they keep hutnign each toehr down and at some point the secret TNA backstage cameras catch him morphing into the other personality but even when confronted he denies it.

  • Stevie P

    Gonna go out on a limb and say that it was trending because of the stupidity of the storyline.

  • Nicholas

    I thought Vince Russo was let go by Tna.

  • xXx

    and they gonna use a fake abyss i assume? so.. fake kane.. fake taker.. fake abyss.. this isnt gonna get over very well

  • CC

    Wow, sounds like more old WCW storylines being tweaked or rehashed.
    Eric Young with a womans title sounds similar to Oklahoma winning the cruiserweight title, and the Abyss storyline seems inspired by the shitty Cactus Jack Lost in Cleveland gimmick.

    Fucking hate shit like this Eric Young thing. Its no better than when WWE destroyed the cruiserweight title by sticking it on Hornswoggle.

  • V-R-A


    Repost your email.

  • Devil_Rising

    Having a man win a women’s title is just silly, and pointless. Why not just have him and ODB win the MEN’S tag titles? Either way…it’s pointless.

  • Jason

    Good work by the TNA creative for making a storyline a top trending topic all over the world.

  • scooter

    It’s actually abyss of the future coming back to tell present abyss not to trust hogan and bischoff and that TNA can be saved if they stop them now however if anyone knows who the future abyss is it will cause a paradox and the world implode so he’s pretending to be his brother.

  • grizz

    When TNA brings Abyss back, I hope they do without him having to wear the stupid mask.

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    Didn’t they do the same same thing with Dustin Rhodes and black reign then dustin took the first train back to WWE

  • BuckieKid

    yes a match against his shadow brilliant

  • Jason L

    @ Superman

    At least TNA creative is TRYING to do something. A monster heel Abyss would be good again even though I do like a face Abyss.

    Making him a “split personality” if thats where they are going shows some promise until they make a match between the two though.

  • Jason L

    @ Logan & Deva

    I do believe that’s what the article said.

  • Superman

    Another brilliant storyline by tna

  • Logan

    So…..Abyss is his own…brother…..right.

  • Deva

    so the guy looking for abyss brother is abyss? and thats what he looks like unmasked?

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    abyss vs. undertaker for wrestlemania 29!!!!!