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TNA Bringing Back The Six-Sided Ring, Wolfe Comments On Internet Rumors

— The promotional poster for TNA’s upcoming Destination X pay-per-view event has been released and it features an image of the six-sided ring with the tagline “Forward To The Past.”

TNA Destination X

The event takes place Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the Impact! Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Kent News in Great Britain features an article on Desmond Wolfe noting that during his absence from the squared ring, he’s kept himself busy developing a television sitcom.

He said, “The sitcom was based on an idea a friend had. It’s about a kid from Brixton in south London who gets forced to take a job doing meals on wheels in Brixham, Devon. I’m ready to pitch it if there’s any interest. I’m also acting in a community theatre play called Everybody Loves Opal, which was first performed on Broadway in the 1960s.”

Regarding his health and as it relates to his status with TNA, he said fans shouldn’t believe everything they read online.

“I can’t get into the details of my absence here and now, but there have been a few different plans to bring me back in the last few months, none of which materialized. I’m hoping for something soon though,” Wolfe said.

  • The Alex

    Because of the 4 sided ring i started watching it. Man that 6 side ring is really annoying!

  • The Alex

    Damn o hate that fuckin’ 6-side ring.

  • muh boy

    well thats good even if its just for a short while. and i thought abyss taking the x division title was funny

  • charlemange

    They are just bringing back the 6 sided ring for Destination X, it was made for the X division guys, it wont be permenant Hogan and Bischoff didnt like it so they got rid of it. They are also going to have a tournement on the PPV, in the commercial I saw for it they said 5 Ultimate X matches, and they are going ot do Elevation X between Bully Ray and Aj Styles. Bring Desmond back to TV, if they dont have anything put him in Immortal at least then he would get plenty of TV time and they need main eventer in the group to replace Jeff Hardy

  • venom

    This ring will probably be for the X ppv every year.

  • Hot Mustard

    Excuse did i just jizz on myself the 6 side ring is back i dnt believe shit till i see it it would be nice

  • Greg

    It looks like a poster for X Factor. The Simon Cowell thing, not the XPac faction.

  • Matt

    no way theyre bringing back full time though.

  • Myers

    this better be just for that pay per view. that 6 sided thing is crap.

  • adam tarasievich

    @ICE ya but its the same with ecw they used to use the smaller ring as well. also to an earlier poster i miss it when tna was on fsn i think that is when they were at there best. Me and my friends were actually talking about this the other day tna has some ablity to be big but they need a few things first. Number one a marque guy like john cena as much as i hate cena he is a guy who can carry your company tna doesnt have anyone like that. Number two even though wwe hasnt used him in a while they need an actual authority figure that you can side with or go against. Tna has immortal but no one actually believes there in control and Dixie isnt a believable anything. Third they need to go back to what mad them big focusing on the x-division because wwe has nothing to compete with that since they droped the cruiserweight title a awhile ago. But with recent things on impact it seems like they are burrying it by giving abyss the x-title. And finally i know people have said this before but i will say it again GET RID OF HOGAN BICHOFF AND RUSSO. Those three are killing this company espically with the rumors that hogan wants to fight again and fight sting. If those 2 have a title match and hogan wins it wont be the end of the world but it will be the end of TNA’s

  • ICE

    how about making a ring thats a little bigger? feels weird watching impact wrestling seeing a significantly more talented roster working with a smaller ring than the competition.

  • Jim Cornette’s Tennis Raquet

    And the word did not end yesterday….welcome back hexagonal ring. Don’t tell The Huckster you’re coming back or his mullet implants may fall out.

    Can you imagine the result if say the AWA, UWF or WCCW would have dreamed up this nonsense in the 80s? I can’t imagine the likes of Verne Gagne or Larry “The Axe” working six sided.

    The hexagon gets your attention when you first see it, but after a few matches it becomes apparent that it favors a certain segment of the in-ring talent and hampers others based on individual speed and agility. Now the traditional ring won’t make a slow guy fast or an agile guy any less so but it opens up the workable space enough for most to make it look halfway decent for the cameras.

    It will be interesting to hear reactions from the TNA roster about this move back to the hexagon.

  • Hunt Or Be Hunted

    @ Austin, No it’s IMPACT Wrestling

  • adam tarasievich

    I hope they mean it. I always liked the 6-sided ring because it was something different. If they are going to focus on the x-division again then this will be great becasue it is good for those wrestlers. I have my doubts it will be back though because hogan and bichoff never liked the 6 sided ring and i also dont think they really like the x-division.

  • Austin

    Yeah but it says TNA wrestling 🙁

  • CC

    Well if the 6 sided ring is returning, then the whole thing about them being a “wrestling” company being a priority just got blown out the window.
    The 6 sided ring was a gimmick, and adds nothing to matches, and is in fact harder to work with as all wrestlers spend their early years working matches in traditional rings, meaning they have to relearn how to work the ring. Its often tough enough for wrestlers who rely on rope moves to re-learn moves due to the different materials and tensions used by different companies, and this shitty gimmick ring will just add to that.

  • adam

    Am I the only 1 that misses when TNA originally aired on FSN and it was actually kinda treated like a sport with time limits and judges in the case of the time expiring. Oh, and the lack of the soap opera drama they have now

  • cheesehandler

    ……….retarded. not the six sided ring, the “forward to the past” now you know goldbergs coming and anyone else over 64

  • Wowzer

    Yes IMPACT! restoration 25% complete

  • Kannon

    MRRRRR. AAANDERRRRRRSON! Anderson! He will be your NEW TNA Champion! Mark it.

  • venom

    TNA is already in the past. Sting is their world champion.

  • Chryogenos