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TNA Draws Low Rating for Live Episode of Impact Wrestling

– Thursday’s live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a low 0.89 cable rating in the new 8pm timeslot. The show drew 1.296 million viewers. This was the lowest rated first run, non-holiday Impact in years.

The rating was down 12% from last week’s taped episode which did a 1.01 rating with 1.43 million viewers. Quarter-hour ratings aren’t out yet but hour one starting early likely hurt the overall rating.

  • straight-edge

    tna is getting better. its not going to be an overnight fix. they are headed in the right path. they just need to keep it up. maybe let there matches last a little longer. i went to a house show. it was amazing but everything felt like it was being rushed. if they slowed thing down let there matches last longer. then i think it will be better for them.

  • King albert

    lol love how TNA is sooo obsessed with WWE while it should be more worried about themselves.

  • Chris

    I think the ending from this week will bring in new viewers for next week. But I also knew that the numbers would be down because of the new time slot and the NBA games going head to head with TNA. The same thing happened to WWE Raw this week.

    I say it will take about 5 to 6 more weeks before they get back to pulling in 1.5 million viewers a week. That is just how the TV business works. It takes time

  • JohnCenasHair

    No one cares about a Dixie Carter / AJ affair.

  • Omar

    Best news I have heard all day.

  • Just goes to show even when tna has a good show nobody cares enough to watch

  • poko

    Not surprising at all. I’m sure they knew going in that a time slot change would result in an overall lower rating. What I’d be interested in seeing is what the rating was from 9pm on.

    Also, I think I mentioned it the other day, but the deeper we get into the NBA playoffs, the more the ratings for TNA and the WWE will suffer.

    Nothing unexpected with this.

  • lets not forget the NBA Con. Finals was on

  • Thumper!

    Man that blows because that was easily one of the best episodes of Impact in a long time. It always sucks to see good episodes of wrestling from both WWE and TNA get crappy ratings.