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TNA Impact Rating, Roode’s Legal Adviser, Dixie Responds to Sting Resignation

– TNA Champion Bobby Roode’s legal adviser, announced as William Kelly, on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling was Shane Haste. Haste teamed with Mikey Nicholls to work a dark match against Gunner & Kid Kash after Monday’s TV taping.

– Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling garnered a 1.09 rating with 1.49 million viewers. The number was up from the previous two weeks, which both scored a 1.03 cable rating with 1.4 million viewers.

– TNA has posted a video of TNA President Dixie Carter’s response to Sting’s resignation as GM and plea for Hulk Hogan to take over the role.

  • adam

    Hmm so now you worked for wcw as well jason. So how does it feel to work for two compaines one that failed and one that is going in that direction right now….Maybe its you. Maybe there employess should focus more on there job then trying to start wars with WWE fans and calling them marks even though your the biggest mark that ever lived.

  • Jason

    Bischoff took over WCW in 1993 and held on to the power until mid 1999. (Through that time Bischoff made WCW over 800 million in profit via in 6 years) AOL suits came into the company by mid 1998 and started taking over the company.

    You really need to read Ted Turners book or Bischoff book to get a real understanding of what went down then. I worked in WCW in 1999 and let me tell you that place was a zoo. Not because of Russo, not because of Bischoff who was not there pretty much at all, not because of Hogan or Nash either. It was the AOL suits. They fucked everything up. Ask anyone that worked in WCW from 1998 til 2001 and they will tell you this.

  • Pig

    Dixie Carter coming out quivering and cowering in the ring is the stupidest thing to see on TV. She is the freaking owner of the company, the almighty powerful. Vince played the part well. Maybe Dixie thinks she will be copying him if she does.

    Dixie needs to dress better, look better and start playing the part if she is going to be in the public eye. Coming out on TV in jeans just makes her look like a small time nothing. And lets face it…she isn’t getting any younger.

    She needs to sit in the box seat and appoint someone to run the show, even if it is just for the TV aspect of things. She sucks on the mic. Never has complete thoughts. Not giving Vince all the props, but it is evident when he speaks, it has been rehearsed. He doesnt stumble. But like it or not his day is over too.

    Paul Heyman was good and had his part in history. Paul Heyman is NOT the answer for a new company. Even in ECW’s prime, it was limited to a specific audience and not the wide range that WWE and WCW appealed to. If that is TNA’s goal to appeal to the wide range, he is not a good choice. Eric Bischoff is not either. Eric came from the pre WWF carnival days of the AWA. Verne Gagne was not the best teacher of the business. The AWA built a good following because of the influx of big men talent that came along. But Verne ran things more like a circus sideshow. Again worked well for the time period….wont work so well now.

    And lastly, I believe to a large degree the Internet has ruined a lot of the mystique associated with wrestling. When Vince played along with the Wrestling is fake, he pu himself in a corner he cant back out of.

  • Valo487

    Bischoff’s plan with WCW only worked for two years, and NONE of that would have worked without Ted Turner’s unlimited checkbook. If WCW hadn’t been eating it in the ratings when the AOL guys took over, maybe it would still be around, but it was tanking so it was very easy to pull the plug.

    Paul Heyman took a promotion no one had ever heard of and made it famous, as well as helping to create so many of the wrestlers who became megastars within years. If ECW was such a pale imitation why did your precious TNA try to recreate it? Even better, why did your beloved Bischoff try to steal so many ideas fro

    I don’t expect you to have a quality answer, you fail arguing 101 by falling back on the pseudo straw man argument that “Until you’ve done it, you don’t have a right to judge” which is asinine. I don’t have to make a movie to know The Dark Knight is better than Batman & Robin, so pick another line. ROH doesn’t have a major spot on TV, which is why they aren’t bigger. But I don’t have to explain a logical idea to you, because you have no interest in them. You somehow think TNA making 1.0 ratings for the next several years is somehow better than actually trying to succeed. With clowns like you working for them, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

  • adam

    Ok jason in your mind yes eric is a better wrestling mind. Never mind the fact that WCW had bigger names and more money to work with then ecw but ok. If Heyman had the stars and the money WCW had he would of done more then Eric bichoff. As for ROH i have always felt this and i still say it ROH once they get an actual tv deal not one just on HDNET that didnt last because its a network no one really knows about. They will be the real threat to WWE not TNA or impact wrestling whatever you wanna call yourselves now. Also just saying my point again if you think Dixie who is the actual owner of tna and the real figure head is a better one to have then Paul Heyman your out of your mind.

  • Jason

    Oh the IWC’s blind love for fakes like Paul Heyman mixed with half
    truths and half bullshit always puts a smile on my face.

    The idea that Paul Heyman is anywhere close to an Eric Bischoff is down right funny. Bischoff took a company that was losing 30 to 50 million a year and turned it into a company that was making over 300 million a year. (Only went south when AOL suits took over the promotion and gave iron clad contracts away like candy) Never before done until Bischoff did. McMahon did a bit better for the first time in his run via in the year 2000 with 320 million profit but never went higher than that.

    How about you guys get a job in the indie wrestling market and work like I did and master your craft and learn a thing or two about how this business really works.

    Until then all of you calling me names can fuck off because you really have no understanding of what you are talking about.

    All of what Paul Heyman wanted to do is now being done with ROH (MMA ROH Matches) And guess what it is not working.

  • Valo487

    Jason, you simple minded prick, go to YouTube and type in Paul Heyman TNA and listen to what he says. I realize your dream in life is to sniff Eric Bischoff’s crotch, but Paul Heyman wanted to brand TNA as young, exciting, modern. He wanted TNA to be the new, modern alternative to WWE, instead of a pale imitation. He wanted to stop worrying about the ratings every week and build towards something that would be huge in a few years. Now I realize someone who is unintelligent, which you clearly are, would of course take issue with trying to make TNA into a much bigger promotion that can truly rival WWE, where Beer Money vs. the Motor City Machine Guns is the main event of Impact instead of a Hulk Hogan promo, but for those of us who love WRESTLING and wish TNA was a better alternative to the neutered PG era WWE, it seems like a brilliant idea. Which is of course why TNA let it fall apart.

  • Nicholas

    I don’t believe Paul Heyman has any interest in Tna any way.

  • CC

    Saying that shit about Heyman running ECW into the ground is sheer ignorance of what he would add to TNA. The reason he fucked up ECW because he was a wrestling promoter, not a businessman.
    If he came into TNA in a booking/promoter capacity, he wouldnt be anything to do with getting onto a tv network, or paying wages etc as there are people there who would deal with all that.
    Simple fact is, what he did with ECW was genius, same as what he did with OVW (or was it FCW?) when he was in charge of that. He knows the way to give the fans what they want, not how to balance books.
    Had he been able to afford to get someone to deal with those sort of things back in the day, ECW would probably have been still going strong today, and TNA would never have existed.
    Honestly, if Heyman had full CREATIVE control of TNA, it would be ten … not sorry, 100 times the company it is now.

    Go fuck yourself Jason.

  • Mr. E

    Jason is a faggot.

  • Angry benny

    @Jason, Yes Paul Heyman, you’re saying the same man who buried ECW, What about the guy who buried WCW? oh yeah he’s running TNA, and don’t give me that behind the scenes bullshit, Bishcoff is horrible and Heyman would run things better, he would use younger talent and use them properly, Bischoff is only there because of name recognition, Heyman is still respected in the world for having one of the greatest wrestling minds, for having to compete with wcw and wwe he kept afloat until it died, they had more of a following that TNA does right now and they didn’t really have twitter, facebook, myspace or all the tools to make it, ECW > TNA, Heyman should run tna, not Bischoff

  • adam

    @jason if you dont want paul heyman to help out in tna now i actually do believe you work for them because that sounds idiotic like an actual member of TNA staff nice job. Yes ECW went into the ground but Paul Heyman is one of the best minds in wrestling. One of the reasons ECW finally did go under was vince was funding them for a Long time and just pulled the plug and figured he would be better off with them working under his banner. Also i would say if was involved in TNA i would want Paul to replace Dixie Carter because that would be a better figure head for a wrestling company someone who actually knows about WRESTLING.


    Golden girl reruns > TNA

  • Jon-Jon

    The problem with Dixie is that now that she’s been on t.v., she can never go back to being behind the scenes. It was the same when Vince first stated on television that he was the owner. Once you’ve crossed the line between kayfabe and reality, there’s no crossing back. Now everyone KNOWS she’s the owner, and theres nothing that can change her role on camera. She will always be the figurehead, now, and the sad part is.. She’s not a hundreth of the on-air character that Mr. McMahon is.

  • Jura

    Tna should stop having Dixie having tv time, take her off tv shes lame and boring as well as Hogan.

  • J-J


  • Jason

    Paul Hayman? The same Paul Heyman that thinks pro wrestling should be just like MMA? The same Paul that put his own company into the ground by rush shouting TV contracts without understanding thme or having a legal team look them over? No thanks

  • Valo487

    TNA really should have hired Paul Heyman when they had a chance.

  • Josh

    STING should sign with WWE already to wrestle THE UNDERTAKER match at WRESTLEMANIA next year or sometime soon before their both too old and aren’t capable of putting on a show we all know that their capable of.