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TNA Impact Viewership Increase, Sting vs. Bobby Roode PPV News

– TNA’s next monthly “Unfinished Business” pay-per-view will feature the Sting vs. Bobby Roode feud from earlier this year. “TNA Unfinished Business: Sting vs. Roode” premieres Saturday, November 3, according to InDemand.

– The September 13th & 20th episode of TNA Impact each added around 110,000 viewers through DVR views. For September 13, the increase was nine percent from the live & same-day audience of 1.22 million viewers. For September 20, the increase was eight percent from the original audience of 1.34 million viewers.

  • eric

    When wwe was tv14 on spiketv from 2002-2005 they were doing alot higher ratings than tna. tna would be better off without hogan and bischoff. hogan there for paycheck. nothing more. he could care less about tna or that little company. tna should of hired heyman 2 yrs ago in 2010. instead of bischoff and hogan. who have no new ideas. love what bischoff did in wcw monday night war in 90’s 1995-2001. atm 2012 hogan is old is nothing withour vince mcmahon. tna needs get rid of hogan. tna was alot better show in 2004-2009 before hogan bischoff showed up!

  • eric

    Tna is still in 1’s there no competion for wwe. who may not be drawing big ratings they did in attitude era. or drawing in 6’s or 7’s as they did in 2002. even wwe raw in 2’s and 3’s is better than tna. who has been in 1’s for 10 yrs. can’t fill seats in arenas. when they once and while go on road. thing is tna offers nothing new. tna is either copying wwe ideas. ex hall of fame wwe had for many decades. general manger wwe had since 2002. or old ideas bischoff did in wcw. aces and 8’s invading impact every week. if outsider hall and nash 1996 rip offf. tna need get rid of hulk hasbeen and bischoff who have no new ideas. tna would be better off without hogan.

  • Really

    Didnt TNA used average 1.0 ratings before Hogan/Angle.

  • KingAlbert

    will be back around 0.8 very soon, mark my words.

  • KingAlbert

    10 years, already, this clown is slow.

  • KingAlbert

    Lol 100,000 viewers, oh better watch out, lmfao, TNAwful is pathetic.

  • Kyle

    TNA is really gaining viewers WWE might want to pay attention.