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TNA Introducing New Championship Belt, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky To Reunite

— TNA Wrestling kicked off a tournament at last night’s Xplosion taping for the Xplosion Championship. The premise of the title is that it’s holder would be able to challenge any champion on iMPACT! Wrestling.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero squared off against Suicide in the opening match of the tournament.

— Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) announced last Thursday that Mickie James, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Sexy Star will face Faby Apache, Mari Apache, Lolita and Cinthia Moreno at the organization’s biggest show of the year, TripleManía XIX, which takes place on Saturday, June 18 at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.

— The new TNA Wrestling Mobile Video Game from NAMCO BANDAI will be released this Thursday. It will be available on the iPhone, iPad and Android.


  • cam

    at least pope got used

  • CC

    I’ll reserve judgement on this idea until it plays out, cause basically at the moment the idea sounds totally pointless, cause I dont see the point of creating an actual championship for something thats easily served by a fictitious contract, cause if its true how much the Hardy belt cost, you’d have to guess that another new title belt would be a similar waste of money.

    Also, if you can choose what title you will go after, it makes little sense for anyone to go after anything other than the world title. Yes, for the fans the X-Division title is the better one, but as far as prestige goes in TNA storylines (well any wrestling companies storylines for that matter), the world title is always the one you are judged by.
    I mean, look at it from this perspective, Chris Jericho has held the IC title more than anyone, and Edge was a multiple tag team champ, but they are always spoken of as being former world/wwe champions because thats the prestige title.

  • Actually, I kind of liken it to the old TV championship…But they already have one of those, don’t they? Huh…

  • adam tarasievich

    Ya i always thought king of the moutain though it was always a good match it was kind of confusing. I mean why have a ladder match were the goal is just to hang the belt.

  • The GOAT

    Wow another great idea by TNA!

  • JD

    Isn’t Feast or Fired already like MITB? If they get rid of that this idea might not be so stupid, but then again, how would this work? You cash in the belt and then it becomes vacant again? It makes as much sense as the rules for King of the Mountain. But on the plus side, at least it’s giving mid-carders a shot at something.

  • CM Mark

    MITB anyone? TNA please…

  • venom

    I am sure the explosion champion will always cash it in on the World champion. I might try the TNA mobile game. The graphics are like classic Playstation which is good for an iphone.

  • muh boy

    they should have another tournament like before eric and hogan were openly heel

  • adam tarasievich

    I mean its a intresting concept. BUt its just like money in the bank except you carry the title around instead of the brief case. Also if you can challange for every title why even make a belt.

  • Myers

    Wait, Xplosion is still aired? It’s not in my area.

    It would be an interesting concept if 1.) I had faith in them actually pulling the idea off and 2.) They make mention of it on impact so when some random guy with a belt shows up to challenge whichever champion he wants, the people who can’t watch implosion know what is going on.

  • skitzo

    Just another example of TNA not having a clue on what to do. Why can’t they fix the problems they have, and quit adding to them. It’s almost as if they are TRYING to fail.

  • David

    It’s a pretty interesting concept. Kind of like having the MITB briefcase but also having to defend it and when its cashed in the belt recycles itself in a new tournament… way to go TNA

  • Damien Phoenix

    If it aired before or after Impact than I would care

  • WWExtreme

    WTF? Xplosion Championship??? Who will care anyways if Xplosion doesn’t air in the US??