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TNA Postpones Tonight’s Knockout Title Match, Wrestlers Removed From Roster

– has announced that tonight’s scheduled TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match between Miss Tessmacher and Gail Kim has been rescheduled for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

The reason for this is: “Gail Kim lodged a protest through her lawyer and upon further review of the contract, a clause was found preventing the title match from happening tonight! Gail’s lawyer had a clause hidden in the contract that required the former champion 8 days notice of her rematch.”

Brooke Hogan has announced a replacement match for tonight—TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher will team up with Tara to face Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

– Angelina Love and Shannon Moore, who both stated on Twitter this week that they were granted their contract releases from TNA Wrestling, have been removed from the roster page.

– Miss Tessmacher is now scheduled to appear with Austin Aries, Kurt Angle and Velvet Sky at Direct Auto Insurance 2110 Greenridge Rd. Charleston, South Carolina on Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Call 843-553-9880 for more information.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    i find it funny how you are purely going by ratings and venue, If you enjoy watching does it matter where the hell they are wrstling?

  • erc

    @eve left nipple lol i find it funny u think tna is at best postion. being they are stuck in that hellhole known as orlando kiddie park. tna is not drawing big ratings with hulk bischoff all old guys that were in old wcw. tna needs to do what heyman said in 2010 shoot onn youtube. focus build your company around young guys. give legends a small role. legends are for signing autographs after show. put them on t-shirt or videogame. i mean if tna would have hired heyman in 2010. instead of wcw killers. tna could be decent competion to wwe. vs finical broke. in orlando theme park 24/7 losing all there great talent. I mean tna is wwe 2.0 they are doing everything wwe does. only they can’t draw ratings. why does tna dixie dumbass keep hogan on payroll is beyond me. he is not getting tna over in mainstream media. nor is tna drawing big ratings with flair hogan and old guys last 2 yrs. signing hogan was worst decison tna ever made. tna will nbe gone in 2 yrs. if they don’t get rid greedy hulky!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I find it rather funny people believe TNA will go out of buisness shortly. The company is in the best position it has ever been in, Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes. What do you want them to do? Turn into a high end multi-million dollar buisness over night? People like you John is the reason wrestling as a whole will never get better…You don’t give it a chance. What the hell is the attitude era got to do with anything? That happened 10+ years ago, Get over it.

  • john

    when TNA goes bankrupt which lets be honest is immanent.. the wrestlers will head over to WWE and then we have a new attitude era V2

  • TNA sucks beyond belief. I’ll never go there.

    “Dean Ambrose is about to blow the doors off everything!”

  • King Albert

    Who cares about the aids of professional wrestling.

  • OGitchida

    and gone are the Beautiful People for good…..

  • SpudimusPrime89

    A “hidden clause,” the hell is that?

  • SYM

    @Allen why is it a Huge deal? U weren’t going to watch Impact anyway. People love to Bitch over nothing.

  • Ramg

    Idoits on this site!!!!!

    This is TNA news not WWE!!!! lol lol.

  • Will Henderson

    sounds like they are doing a cop out because one of the two women is ether hurt or too sick to wrestle in a one on one match tonight.

  • Allen

    Wow…now they are showing how dumb they are. They like to “pretend” there was a hidden part in a contract. Lame.