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TNA Reportedly Planning On Bringing Jeff Hardy’s Real-life Issues To TV

Former TNA Wrestling production manager Randy Ricci says that according to reliable sources within the Nashville based organization, current creative plans call for Jeff Hardy’s real-life issues to take center stage on television.

Ricci reports on his blog ( that Hardy plans on undergoing treatment for his issues with substance abuse and will enter a rehabilitation facility. Upon his completion of rehab, he will be brought back to television as a babyface recovering from drug addiction.

Hardy was officially written off television on last night’s episode of TNA iMPACT! as Immortal announced they had severed their ties with him.

On March 13 at Victory Road, Hardy received a rematch against Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship under No Disqualification rules, but was defeated in ninety seconds. Behind the scenes, company officials had made the decision to cut the bout short after deeming that Hardy was in no condition to wrestle. The following day it was reported that TNA Wrestling had sent Hardy home from the week’s iMPACT! tapings. He has not appeared for the organization since.

  • Josh

    Can Jeff handle a real life storyline though? I suppose he went through a feud with his real life brother so maybe he can. I just have thoroughly enjoyed his career and hope he can get the help he needs personally before he resumes professionally.

  • CC

    For my money the whole Lita/Edge/Matt story was a work anyway.
    Yeah, at the time it seemed real, but the more time has moved on, the more you realise that the bulk of it was a work.
    Maybe there was a real issue there with Edge and Lita initially, and maybe the first video from Matt was real, but after that it was all fake. He was never sacked, just like Brian Danielson was never sacked.

    To be honest, I kind of agree with some of the above that sometimes a little bit of real life thrown in isnt a bad thing, but it has to be the right thing.

    The Matt/Lita/Edge story was fine as it was a bunch of adults who went through a small personal issue, and they blew it up for storyline.

    The current Jeff issue is something entirely different, and is something that certainly should not be used as storyline unless its to sack the idiot.

    I’ve never agreed with the whole kids thing though, and have always hated angles like the current one in TNA with Kurt and Jarrett, the Eddie & Rey one in WWE and the Raven & Sandman one in ECW.

    Btw, the Vickie Guerrero character has nothing to do with real life, so I dont even see why that was brought up.
    Vickie playing that character is no different to anyone else playing a character. Thats not how she is in real life, so how is that using reality in a storyline?

  • JAck45

    So let me get this straight…
    First off, this is TNA news, not WWE.

    Second, just because its been done before doesn’t make it okay to be done again. So hearing all u TNAfags state “WWE has been doing it for years, don’t bad mouth TNA for doing it” are just wrecking yourself by admitting that TNA copies WWE

    third, Matt Lita and Edge story line went through a lot of shit when it was done, all u newfags probably didn’t even own computers then but it was all over forums and sites bashing the name of WWE, so don’t make out they did it and got away with it.

    Forth, Jeff is a loser and should be completely cut off from everything, the fact they are still going to pay him mega bucks wont help his addiction at all. Hes lost all his passion for the business a long time ago, way back when WWE first fired him. Their should be no respect for him anymore.

    Fifth, Real-life story lines, add more drama and emotions. The “actors” agree on (if not ask for themselves) the story to be told. We all wanted the Undetaker v Brock Lesnar purely because there was some real life heat. Jerry Lawler’s Mother passing being used by Cole was distasteful and we all got up in arms over it, but it was 100% fine with the king, to be used.
    They draw crowds and reactions, which help make the business better and better
    The only reason why I disagree with this story is because of the has-been they are using it with.
    IF the wrestlers didn’t want a certain storyline then it wouldn’t happen, ESPECIALLY if it involved real-life scenarios.

  • Zach


    What do you think WWF and WCW did all those years ago?

    The more true to life something is the more you can believe it. Makes sense to do something like this as long as they do it right, but knowing Russo they won’t.

  • erik

    wwe did same thing with jeff hardy in ealrly 2009 when his house burn down wwe used that on tv t hype up matt hardy vs jeff hardy matt at wrestlemania25 so wwe has done the same thing. nothing new!

  • TomC

    I actually like it, a little, when REAL life mixes in with the charade that is pro-wrestling. It actually gives pro-wrestling a little bit more of a “reality” credibility – if that makes any sense. with all of the ridiculous storylines and character names they come up with, it’s actually cool to see some “real life” elements mixed in.

    That’s MY opinion, anyway.

    Personally, I loved it when Roddy Piper started calling Hulk Hogan “Terry” (his real name) back in WCW. (Ken Anderson did it recently too). I kind of liked it when Matt Hardy was shouting down Edge by his real name on RAW (i.e. Adam Copeland). That dose of “reality” added some spice and “realness” to the whole show that I think pro-wrestling needs from time to time.

  • also bringing in angles personal life is way worse since theres kids involved! but even that looks tame compared to wwe’s tasteless use of lawlers mothers death and coles comments!
    face facts theres sleaze in every company that causes little concern but cena makes a few gay jokes and people stir up a hissy fit! in the end it’s not a wrestling problem it’s a soceity problem as too many jersey shore watching booze guzzling morons eat up the this shit! but complain so not to look prejudice!

  • Josh

    You would think TNA and WWE would learn a lesson from real life storylines. I remember the way the Esdie death was handled and while I enjoyed the performer saying how much he meant to them it has definitely been disappointing the way they have demeaned his legacy by their characterization of his widow.

    The lira hardy edge storyline was sad all the way around. Yes Matt broadcasted on the web but what i remember most is reading Edges wives comment.

    Then fast forward to arguably the worst storyline ever the Vince McMahon funeral? Remember that ending? The funeral never happened because the night before was the Benoit murder suicide.

    My advice ro pro wrestlibg is avoid the idea of death and drugs. You want Jeff to be a babyface fine. But please leave drugs death and affairs out of it

  • Valo487

    TomC, you’re ignoring the fact that the Edge Matt Lita story only happened because Matt broadcast it all over the Internet in the first place, then capitalized on it when he came back, so he was far from a victim here. Secondly, do you really think Vickie is upset about this? She was never an on air performer until she became one of their biggest heels, she’s making good money to basically say “Excuse me!!” I’m sure she’s crying all the way to the bank. WWE has used really poor judgement on similar issues in the past, like the Eddiesploitation fiasco, so they’re not innocent either, but you’re not going to spin what TNA’s doing now into anything beyond sleazy either.

  • TomC

    Some of you guys are such IDIOTS . . . WWE has been doing this FOR YEARS. Anybody remember when Matt Hardy first was let go, and then Edge and Amy “Lita” Dumas were together? WWE smeared that all over television – then even brought the real life conflict into it when Matt Hardy came back.

    And what about the way WWE has used Vickie Guerrero? It’s absolutely disgusting the way they write her as the complete whore (she probably is) – though it’s still immeasurably disrespectful to the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

    I know there are other examples of this strewn through WWE’s history … so don’t sit there thinking this is a tactic exclusive to TNA. It’s not, not by a LONG SHOT.

  • Charlemange

    It is a good idea for them to say he cant come back until after his court date, and then he has to go to rehab, he probably wont be able to come back until at least the end of the summer, I get why they are doing it though to get it through his head that this is humiliating but if I was in charg I would have him come back as a jobber, or a contender for the X divison championship.

  • scooter

    @valo487 exactly the point the issues out in the open even more so now than it was before in the past which means all the more reason to address the issue and besides didn’t punk cut a promo about jeff’s arrest? also this might make matt hardy take a bitch fit and leave tna like he did with wwe MASSIVE BONUS!

  • Shay

    Agh, I suppose TNA possibly using Jeff’s real-life issues as a storyline, is alright. As long as Jeff agrees to idea and it is tastefully done, without doing further damage to Jeff or their business.

  • Valo487

    Because He’s gotten much, much worse since then, that was pre-arrest and he’s gotten married and had a baby since then, and he’s main eventing pay per views so messed up they can’t have a match. That’s why this is worse.

  • scooter

    no offense people but I bet you all loved the CM Punk feud (which was awesome) how is this any differen’t?

  • PhillinThaBlank

    Ummmmm if im not mistaken….wasnt the Hardy vs Punk fued based off of Jeff’s real life situation? And not to mention the Hardy vs hardy fued over the dead dog and the house fire. TNA is just following the foot steps of wwe.

  • Valo487

    Matt should have been happy that happened, that’s the most interested anyone has ever been in him as a single’s wrestler.

    As for the actual topic, only TNA would try and bring that moron back as a babyface after he ruined the main event of a pay per view. Anyone who threw down some dollars for the show won’t be cheering that clown.

  • JD

    Are you guys serious??? Matt hardy broke up with his girlfriend. How is that at all similar to the Jeff hardy situation? He has a DRUG problem. If TNA wants to glorify it then they deserve to be trashed like they are

  • Myers

    Plus if remember, at the start Lita was still a face. Then the “slut” and “You screwed Matt” chants started being louder then her when she was cutting promo’s they kinda had to do something with it since it was ruining her face run.

  • E

    @ joe, what were they suppose to do? Matt was trashin edge and lita, they could’ve ignored it but with firing hardy and then he was cryin like about lita. They had no choice, but to rehire matt and put in a storyline. FUCK MATT HARDY

  • JOE

    @myers because matt hardy ran his mouth on the internet, it’s ok for the wwe put it in a storyline?

  • E

    I agree wit myers, matt hardy was putting that shit out there not wwe. But also I dont agree with puttin personal shit out there. But if it helps jeff out then good for him, but to put shit out that has no business in the wrestling ring ridiculous.

  • Myers

    Matt Hardy started that thing by running to the internet and crying because his girlfriend dumped him for somebody else. If he did not act like such a baby and kept his mouth shut to the public that angle never would have happened. It’s not WWE’s fault she broke up with him and he could not handle it.

  • WWWee

    TNA would destroy lives? No class? HA! Look at what WWE did with Matt Haardy, Lita, and Edge. They weren’t the only ones in WWShit to have their personal lives exposed. By the way, seriously, look at vince himself, slobbering all over every fucking woman who came in that bitch, while linda collected dust. Disgusting. There isn’t room to say anything about one company without talking about the other overrated one.

  • Myers

    Because that angle worked so well with Road Warrior Hawk and Scott Hall….

  • Malin

    That’s the level of class I’ve come to expect from TNA.


    TNA would destroy there wrestkers lives to get good ratings, it kind of pothetic taking real life situations on televistion its like the whole karren ,angle and jarret thing

  • Steve

    Worst. April Fools Joke. Ever.

    Oh… wait. You’re serious?