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Possible TNA Return for Jeff Jarrett, Recent TNA Attendance, Borash

– Jeremy Borash appears this morning and every Thursday morning at 9:30 on the nationally syndicated Johnboy & Billy Morning Show to hype Impact.

– The July 20th TNA BaseBrawl event in Aberdeen, Maryland drew just 625 fans on a show with Sting, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam advertised. The July 21st event at MCU Park in Brooklyn drew 3,000 fans. That may end up being TNA’s biggest live event attendance of 2012.

– Besides Wes Brisco, Chris Masters and Luke Gallows, other talents apparently in line for spots in the Aces & Eights group include Mike Knox, Jay Bradley and the big rumor is that Jeff Jarrett will be the group leader.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • eric

    That is main thing. I am not tna hater at all. i wish tna when they came to monday nights in 2010 would have same results as eric bischoff had in 1995-2001 new ideas beating wwe for 2 yrs giving wwe a run for there money. i mean i am not some mark who watching nothing but wwe. i am pro wrestling fan. i watch and go to wwe, tna, live events. going to go to tna event in my hometown in early august. went see tna last yr. go to indies shows in my state. going to see indy show on aug4. i just wish tna was competion. but they are not. lack new ideas. i bought wwe best of wcw monday nitro 3 disc set dvd last summer. hosted by man made cutter move famous ddp. he was talking about what made wcw great. then nwo faction was good for ratings. wcw was able to last 6 yrs on monday nights. tna lasted 1 month on momday nights. thing is tna in my opinion needs do better job expanding there fan base. also mayber having aj styles daniels, or current world champion austin aries go on jay leno or david letterman. plug there tna company. or there ppv bound for glory. lack promoting and ads is what is killing tna from going in mainstream. for mainstream to know there is another company out there besides wwe. I mean jbl even said on youtube htm radio show. that he doesn’t know why tna has a hard job putting asses in seats. filling arenas. he said all wwe has to do is put name wwe on somthing people will come. because check it out youtube jblw bashes russo. he says that all dudley boyz, rvd, kurt angle, jeff hardy, jeff jarrett were drawing money in wwe.

  • eric

    yeah it seems everytime tna takes one or two steps forward in making process. they takes 123 steps back. here big thing for tna. what new ideas are u coming up with to get big ratings? atm none of there ideas are new or fresh. what made wcw great was fact there were new ideas or things wwe was not doing. take when nitro started in 1995. follow yr 1996 wcw had cruiserweight divison. wwe was not doing a crusierweight divison of high flyers in 1996. also nwo faction was new. was alterative from wwe dx faction. hall and nash two former wwe guys. coming in wcw invading nitro every week. then hogan turned heel drop leg on savgae at bash at beach 1996. then nwo heel faction beat raw 2 yrs in row. why? Because wcw had new ideas that wwe was not doing. that peel casual and die hard viewers away from wwe raw. to watch wcw. nwo crusierweights tag teams divison were main 2 reasons i watch wcw nitro from 1995-1999 At end of day. tna has no new ideas. it is same old crap as wwe. hogan is not draw has not draw money in yrs. he can’t physical go in ring at his age any more. immortal were nothing more than nwo recycle faction. tna went to monday nights they got there butts kicked. proves signing hogan was worst decison of tna. because hogan and his friends are old not a draw anymore. reason wwe is big dog, or has monopoly. Is simple no other wrestling company is doing anything new to peel off viewers. give them run for there money. tna in 2004-2007 was at least an alterative to wwe. six sided ring x divsion aj vs daniels vs joe was amazing feud in 2004-2005 every since hogan has come to tna last 2 yrs been all about hogan. he is doing more harm than good. wwe is at it best. when it has competion. there is no competion at moment!

  • Stockton Joe

    More screen time for J.J. means I’ll watch less TNA. And it was getting GOOD. DAMN (said in my best Ron Simmons voice and manner).

  • King

    The July 21st event at MCU Park in Brooklyn drew 3,000 fans?

    3,000 fans my ass…there was more empty seats then anything…

  • KingAlbert

    Double J is too fat/old/slow, fuck off Glad TNA is on a nigger channel.

  • poko

    Jarrett as faction leader would make sense, and might be one of the few choices that would make it legitimate and believable.