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TNA Signs New TV Deal, Kurt Angle Fighting the IOC

– Kurt Angle said that he was going to fight to get wrestling back into the Olympics during a recent interview with The Sun.

“I’ll continue to wrestle for the TNA. The plan is on wrestling three more years then coach amateur wrestlers and fight my butt of to get wrestling back in the Olympics.”

As noted earlier, the International Olympic Committee voted earlier this week to drop wrestling for the 2020 Olympic Games.

– TNA has signed a new TV deal which will air a one hour version of Impact Wrestling followed by a “Best of Impact” in Germany on Sport1. The shows will air on Wednesdays with a Saturday repeat.

The entire Impact episode, four PPVs and specials will also air on with Video-on-Demand. There are no price points on those items yet.


    That is crazy u have a sport that kids sometimes start in junior high and coaches tell them u knw what son u are pretty good I gonna do great in high school in high school the kid sets records and colleges start going this kid is awsome and his highschool coach is like kid ur gonna do awsome get to college on the scholarship for wrestling only to tell him well son if u had a trampoline u could go to the olympics. But that trophy u just won us is the last thing u will get out of what u spent your life being good at because 10 or 12 years ago u saw the Olympics and said dad I wanna wrestle in the olyimpics and your dad spent evrything to get you to this point only to have them say well son no wrestling in the next Olympics maybe u shouldve played badtmitton as a kid. Dnt no how to spell it but come on the world has become sad. What’s next they gone take out boxing and track? How bout bowling

  • Jason Lentini

    Best of luck to Kurt to get them to reconsider.