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TNA Considering a Single Location for All Future Impact Wrestling Tapings

– There has been a lot of talk about pulling the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings from the road and returning to a single location like they previously had. Las Vegas and Orlando are two locations that are currently under consideration.

One source predicted it will occur early next year at the latest. The reason for this decision would be another cost cutting measure by TNA.


  • Scooter

    Actually Colt Cabana addressed this a while back.

    ROH were actually making a lot of money a few years ago but they were still paying the talent shit money and refused to give them a decent percentage of their merch sales so, as much as certain guys didn’t want to jump ship they felt they had to and he felt ROH could’ve grown past TNA’s level if they treated the boys better.


    Thats cuz wwe is taking all of there roster lol

  • d

    Tna really messed up when they stopped pushing Joe. And they really screwed up Abyss.

  • d

    I LIked this as soon as you mentioned Angle /Joe

  • Orkyboy

    Everyone said going on the road would boost the ratings. Everyone said going live would boost the ratings.

    Neither has really helped so now it is time to regroup and regroup, stabilise the finances and look to what to do next.

    If they could find a team who could book consistently decent shows and let the wrestlers do their thing it would be a good start.

    On the plus side, if they stop touring then there is no reason to keep Hogan. He will help attendances on the road but in a fixed venue similar to the Impact Zone he will not help at all.

  • millerj265

    They wont be finished just because sting leaves, if you look at tnas buy rates and ratings, sting has done almost nothing to help them in his entire tna run. In fact if you look at tnas highest ppv buys it was the joe angle matches that brought them the most success and if they had just stood behind joe and pushed him and built there company behind him they could be doing great now. They should have dropped sting long ago and nvr hired Hogan and bischoff. They could have built around joe while building up there already incredible in house talent while still hiring angle and hardy and maybe Anderson to bring credibility to them as a major promotion. They could have used the established former wwe guys to put over and build up three or four in house tna guys as there mega stars and saved a crap load of money by not hiring guys who just wanted to stoke there egos while getting an easy pay day. I’m not saying tna wouldn’t of found a way to screw that easy formula up as well but at least they would be screw ups who’s company’s books were still in the black lol

  • ddfindl

    Meh, thats a little bit of wishful thinking; I could see Sting just to get him in the HOF and set up a single match though.

    The problem with TNA is that they thought they could spend money to make money when they should have cut costs to begin with and use the money they save to make improvements over time, not all at once. If they would have focused on up-and-comers instead of middle aged guys who demand enormous paychecks that need younger guys to carry them, they would be a lot better off right now.

  • ddfindl

    lol, ROH couldn’t afford it

  • JohnCena33

    TNA for cutting costs? TNA cutting costs? Ha ha ha, thats why they signed two mma wrestlers, two men who just destroyed there company (hogan, bischoff), and then those two men kids (brooke hogan, bischoff). A little to late TNA, you will be finished when Sting leaves in early 2014, the floodgates will open, Angle,Hardy, Samoa Joe, all will be in WWE by late 2014.

  • Scooter

    ROH are in a worse financial state than TNA for the record.

  • Griffin


  • Will Henderson

    TNA Wrestling: we’re for sale at the right price, WWE, Viacom, Sinclair Broadcasting/ROH, are you listening.


    Geez can tna decide on something and stick with it for once