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TNA Star Takes Up Smoking To Lose Weight, More On Dreamer’s Contract Status

— Tammy Sytch stated on her Facebook account Tuesday that a performer for TNA Wrestling recently took up smoking due to pressure from management to lose weight.

She wrote, “A TNA performer started the unhealthy habit of smoking, under pressure from management to lose weight… great business practices by TNA!!! Good job! I smell lawsuit!”

Sytch added further: “It’s not a story…it was something directly told to me from this person…and no, I’m not giving up any names.”

— Regarding the report of Tommy Dreamer’s contract with TNA Wrestling expiring next month, it is true. He reveals in a newly published interview with The Wrestler that TNA wanted him to sign two-year deal last year, but he only wanted it to be for one year. He also said he’s “happy” with TNA.

Dreamer debuted on June 13, 2010 at Slammiversary.

  • venom

    I guess who is trying to lose weight never heard of cardio??? I am guessing this is a diva if Tammy knows this person.

  • Ricardo

    Sure, it’s completely unhealthy for wrestlers to smoke. It’s such a nasty habit for people with such a healthy lifestyle that includes getting kicked in the head and falling into wood and concrete floors. I can totally see a cigarette making the difference there.

  • CC

    Since when is smoking a recognised way to lose weight? There are plenty of fat people who smoke, and it doesnt seem to help them.
    Its well known that when you quit, you tend to gain weight because you substitute the craving for cigarettes with eating, but that doesnt mean starting smoking will lose you weight.

    As for it being a lawsuit waiting to happen, I guess that depends on the full details. If they forced them to smoke, then yes, that would probably be something that could be followed through wit. But telling them to lose weight is highly unlikely to be something that could result in a lawsuit considering the industry. You can bet that within tv and film related industries, there are certain criteria pertaining to physical condition that anyone under contract has to maintain.

    If its true that TNA is telling someone to lose weight, then thats another thing that TNA marks can no longer use against WWE to attack them.

    I do think that asking someone like Big Show, Umaga or Mark Henry to lose some weight (as was done in the past) to lose some weight is fair, as those guys certainly pushed the limits of what is acceptable. But when its someone like Mickie James, thats just silly.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    The walking drama factory has the inside scoop? Ohhhh-kaaaaaayyyyyy….

  • Matt

    I guess Angelina Love isn’t thin enough yet 😀

  • If this is true then damn straight there should be a lawsuit but I tend not to trust the word of those who mock others over their fathers suicide

  • TrollGod

    My cousin gave me head?
    and shoulders shampoo. And it doesn’t really get rid of my dandruff or flakes. Does anyone have any suggestions on a dandruff relieving product I should try?

  • Clara007

    I don’t see how this is a basis for a lawsuit. IF it is true, it says that TNA encouraged the wrestler to smoke, not force. The person does not have to do it.