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TNA Stars to AAA, Knockout Not Released, Update on Taryn Terrell

– It was speculated a few days ago that TNA Knockout Rosita had been released because her photos were removed from TNA’s website. The photos have since been restored so it appears she is still with the company.

– Nobody in TNA will confirm what Taryn Terrell is being paid but after she left WWE, she was asking for $2,000 per indy appearance plus limo transportation and an extra plane ticket for her agent. Taryn is currently booked for at least one upcoming convention so it sounds like she was smartened up as to what the going rate for indy talent is these days.

According to Taryn’s Twitter, she is also doing stunt work these days.

– Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion are scheduled for the AAA Heroes en Immortales show on October 6th. There has been talk of doing Ion vs. former WCW star Juventud Guerrera for the AAA Cruiserweight Title.

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  • Jon

    @scooter or more likely she’s not remembered at all…

  • scooter

    A promoter I know paid Nash £2000 for an appearance so lets call that $3000 for easy counting. Now Kevin Nash is a legend and has made a lot of money probably doesn’t need to do indy dates. Taryn terrel is probably best remembered as Drews Mcintyres ex or Kellys pal on smackdown…

  • CC

    Ya gotta laugh when nobodies like Terrell think they are worth the same sort of money as people like Ric Flair just because they were both in WWE at some point. Even most “big” names would be lucky to get that sort of pay cheque on the indy circuit.