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TNA May Be Able to Sue WWE for Using Ric Flair at the Hall of Fame This Year

– The argument could be made that TNA has the legal right to sue WWE since they are using a contracted TNA performer to draw ticket sales and DVD sales for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame with Ric Flair being inducted with The Four Horsemen.

No word yet if TNA will pursue any kind of action against WWE but as of earlier this week, they had not made any decision. It’s possible TNA could work out a deal where WWE would pay them a settlement for their usage of Flair.


  • Jason

    It’s so sad how dumb most wrestling fans are on thissite when it comes to the law. I feel like I lost IQ points after reading most of this shit. I swaer all of you are the same kids that play the WWE games. Kids/WWE fans are the worst

  • Nicholas

    For those who think Vince wouldn’t be TNA in a court case. Look what happen when Vince went up against the high paying Government. Who won that court case it was Vince and the WWE. So how bad you think Vince would beat TNA.

  • dae

    Um… But isn’t Flair already a member of the WWF’s Hall of Fame?

  • Mark

    how pathetic if they do ? Hall of fame is to honour all wrestlers no matter what organisation they were in .

  • Nate

    If TNA don’t have the money to travel every week like wwe they don’t have money to sue And if they do sue and win what ever money they win goes to get a lawyer and then some so if they sue tna lose money

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I suppose you’re right, but they were slowly rising before fuck up after fuck up started happening then Hogan & and the other money grubbing hasbeens didn’t help.

  • Dale

    Middleton is wrong. TNA is no more able to sue WWE now than they were when RVD was in Smackdown vs Raw 2011 or when they release a dvd featuring Sting or Jeff Hardy. Just like WWE couldn’t sue TNA when they cashed in on CM Punk over the summer by literally advertising him on their site to sell their old footage.

    This article is stupid, but don’t be too hard on Middleton as he jsut copied and pasted it from somewhere else.

  • stockshark

    HAHA TNA never said they were going to sue! CALM DOWN LADIES!! TNA TNA TNA Suck that! Wow so do you get that worked up when Target offers something cheaper than Wal-Mart or when Mr. Coffee goes on sale do you go up in arms to defend StarBucks? Come on get over it!

  • adam tarasievich

    Its not that all the wwe marks as you people call fans of wwe are so sure vince has all these high power lawyers that can squash tna into oblivion. Its the fact that tna has other law suits they are dealing with right now and the fact that vince has more money then tna so if they really took this to court wwe would probably win and it would be a GIGANTIC mistake for tna. All they would gain is attention saying this company is going against wwe but with all the money they would lose it would not be worth it. Also if tna were to sue wwe over this im sure the wwe could find a ton of things to counter sue tna over.

  • Shawn

    If TNA sued WWE and won, that’d be the most money they’ve made in all their years combined! Not only that, the payment would be made from cash Vince found in the pocket of his pants way in the back of his closet.

  • jt

    just dont give flair a ring again hell pawn his like his old one

  • emerald

    i agree with keylo. they are making vince seem like hes untouchable. but didnt he lose the case against the charity wwf a few years ago and have to rename the company. people seem to forget that. tna isnt as bad as people think, its hogan who annoys me the most but i still watch the thing. i bet all the people on here bitching about it still watch it too.

  • keylo

    lol the wwe sheep are out in full force today pmsl, vkm lawyers would do this and do that because they are high powered, hmm really as its always a lesser lawyer if you tend to look at major miscarriage of justice cases for an example, they are the ones who tend to win out, fact you dumb little wwe sheep and vkm arselickers

  • VenomEX

    i was lead to believe that tna allowed the talent to take bookings on their own time as long as it didn’t interfere with the taping. if that’s the case, then flair should be good. unless tna has it specifically stated in their contracts that they can’t go to the wwf……that’s where you got your law suit

  • John

    Oh man. If the TNA heads were smart they’d realise entering a legal battle with WWE is financial suicide. Not only would they lose the case and have to pay all their lawyers (correction lawyer) but Vince McMahon’s high priced attornies would probably find a way to counter sue and wipe TNA out.

  • Corey

    Ric Flairs already in the WWE HOF isn’t he? As are the other members of the Horsemen. Makes no sense. But what ever. Just wondering if Hugh Jackman, The Muppets and Bob Barker will be inducted this year? The HOF is a joke anyway.

  • Matthew

    @Philzibit: that’s what I’m saying. How in the hell could TNA possibly afford a lawyer when they can barely pay their own wrestlers- Jesse Neal had to go on Food Stamps, and he’s a Navy Veteran like me, Taylor Wild was having to work at a Sunglass Hut, and then TNA is being sued by Daffney because they refused to pay her medical care or something like that. What’s Dixie Carter going to do, get a pro-bono attorney? Please, no pro-bono attorney is going to touch TNA simply because 1)because of the reasons I listed, 2)everyone knows that Vince McMahon’s attorneys will eat Dixiex Carter’s attoney/attorney’s alive, 3)WWE owns all the rights to all Four Horseman stuff, so technically, they still have the right to use Ric Flair every once in a while, 4) It’s just for 2 nights, 5)If VKM wanted to, he could by TNA and put it out of business and fire everyone. On this matter, TNA just needs to shut-up, get in line and color, and leave well enough alone, if not plan some sort of invasion angle.

  • Philzibit

    TNA can’t afford lawyers, they can’t even afford to pay their talent.

  • Captain

    TNA aka the new WCW are doomed. May as well let Flair do his own thing.. WWE will buy out them soon anyway. Anything that Hulk and Eric do is always set to be doomed and bought buy WWE. So the clock is counting down.

  • blue4everd

    TNA sueing WWE??? sounds like it would be an awesome storyline to me! MAKE IT HAPPEN WWE/TNA CREATIVE!!!!!!!

  • Justin Sane

    WWE has been making money off TNA wrestlers for along time. look at all the dvds that come out, kurt angle and sting are featured on the covers. Hulk Hogan is in a video game. flair isn’t a shocker to me.

  • bb

    tna need money and pussy! wwe beat tna for sure …

  • venom


    When did TNA rise? lol.

  • Joe

    I remember about a year ago when it was announced that Ric Flair was signed to a merchandise deal with WWE (like Hogan, I believe), which allowed WWE to use Ric and Hogan’s likenesses and names in games. It’s also the reason TNA cannot use them in their games.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I really hope this isn’t a bs post and TNA decides to go after WWE so we can get “The Rise and Pathetic Fall of TNA” Would they even be able to afford real lawyers? They never travel, have to hand out tickets, and Ditsy Carter hires money hungry hasbeens any chance she gets.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    knowing vince he would just buy tna instead of paying a settlement…lol

  • chronoxiong

    TNA needs all the money they can get so they should sue the WWE. Lol…The WWE has nothing to lose from this anyways.

  • adam tarasievich

    Wow that would be funny if tna were to sue the wwe over that. First of it would be funny because showing one of there guys would kinda help them cause the next impact flair could be like ya i was at that wwe event *enter random shit talking about wwe that tna always does* but now im back home in Impact wrestlingn. Also if impact was dumb enough to try to go to court with wwe about flair appearing they would get demolished and most likely end up bankrupt its not worth it.

  • CC

    If they could sue for that, maybe WWE could have sued them for showing one of the Highlanders a few years ago when he was a contracted WWE guy.
    It doesnt work that way. If anyone could be sued, its Flair himself.
    WWE would not be in breach of contract as they have no contract with TNA.

  • LSC

    TNA suing WWE….TNA goes bankrupt

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    I always thought TNA had an open door policy plus if they sue or ask for money they will only make VKM mad… There’s no way they can go head to head with WWE… The best thing would be for them to ignore it.

  • Knightcon

    Marc what’s your source? The WWE has legal right to use his name and likeness due to them owning the copyrights to the old video library and his old legends deal. Plus they own the 4 horse men rights. The only law suit would be over his appearance at the hall of fame which is yet to be seen

  • italia911

    Funny stuff let legends get introduce and pay some respect to the wrestling business not the tickets sale us fan dont give a damn who make money that night i want to see legends get introduce TNA are stilll a joke after 10 years still not close at all to be named a competition shut it and go back to orlando you fool’s…

  • Best in the world

    @Whooper. Ahahaha, that literally made me LOL.

  • Whooper

    The Lawyers of WWE would destroy whatever welfare lawyer TNA could get

  • Jon

    This is laughable at best.