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– Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy is due back in court today for the drug charges against him in North Carolina.

– The dark match before last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings saw Robbie E. defeat Bobby Shields. Shields is a graduate of Taz’s wrestling dojo. Another Team Taz graduate, Jake Tarr, lost to Douglas Williams in Monday’s dark match.

– There is a plan in place to break up Generation Me, which was evident after Sunday’s Victory Road pay-per-view. Max and Jeremy Buck were originally supposed to split up a month or two ago. The brothers wrestled each other in a match this week taped for TNA Xplosion.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • erik

    I am so happy i started investing my money in indies like dragongate. dragongate is million times better than wwe and tna combined!

  • http://copycat ruben

    tna copyes every match an event that wwe does tna is a copy cat,they have low rating an they copy wwe so they well stay in busness

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    so the tag team divison is dead in tna! MCMG’S teased a break up but shelly got hurt, Ink inc are about to break up, team 3d broke up, gunner and murphy are singles wrestlers, i fear beer money is next!

  • Orkyboy

    It’s not a case of destroying the tag team division, more of a move to increase the content of thr X – Division, which is where TNA should be at it’s strongest.

  • Logan

    Why in the blue hell is WWE and TNA trying to kill the Tag Team Division. Some of my favorite matches involve tag teams and both companies just want to kill it. Tag Team Divisions die and we get ppl from Jersey Shore…..great.

    ….asses….I’m gonna finish Jericho’s new book.

    WWE and TNA shame on you.

  • !?

    TNA is becoming more and more like WWE. Maybe I missed the memo is but Tag Team Wrestling boring these days or something, no promotion other than ROH (Well, tbat’s all that ROH has these days anyway.) wants to invest in their Tag Team Division anymore.

  • Edge-3000

    Stop breaking up tag teams! How can TNA have a tag team division if they keep breaking up their tag teams?

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