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New TNA Video Game?, RVD Update, Matches for Tonight’s Impact, More

– Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature Jay Bradley vs. Christian York, Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim, Kenny King vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin, Daniels vs. Hernandez, D-Lo Brown vs. Joseph Park plus a Sting and Bully Ray contract signing for Slammiversary.

– The TNA live event on May 10th in Birmingham, Alabama drew 350 fans.

– Rob Van Dam teased signing with TNA or WWE recently but word is that he has not been talking with TNA.

– There are rumors that TNA is close to signing a deal for a new video game.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CC

    I wouldnt go as far as you and say he is a douche or a piece of crap as we have seen time and time again with wrestlers that they say what they feel at the time due to circumstances, then later say the complete opposite because of diffferent circumstances. Its al part of the business. But what does make me laugh is that Rob actually shot himself in the foot to be fair with his comments about TNA before he joined them as it actually made him look somewhat foolish.
    He was in negotiations with WWE and said “I wouldnt consider going to TNA as its small time. Once you have been at the top of the business in WWE, going anywhere else would be like going backwards.” (or words to that effect). The deal with WWE fell through, and a few weeks later he signs with TNA. Basically, going on his own comments, his career was going backwards.
    It didnt make TNA look bad. It didnt make WWE look bad. But it sure as hell made RVD look like his career had tanked.

  • Roy Bledsoe

    Now I may be off base, but RVD has become nothing more than a real f’n douche. I remember he bashed TNA then he’s their world champion, bashed wwe now he’s probably going back. Screw that dude, he’s slow and I’ve noticed mostly all his matches he botches at least two or three moves. I’ve always thought he was an overrated piece of crap!