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New TNA Video Game In the Works?, BFG Series Update, Rosita, More

– Saturday night’s TNA live event in Brooklyn, NY saw Mr. Anderson defeat Robbie E for 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series while AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy for 7 points.

Friday’s live event saw Rob Van Dam get 7 points by defeating Robbie E and Jeff Hardy get 7 points by defeating Mr. Anderson.

– TNA cameras were filming footage with some of the talents on Coney Island this weekend.

– NYC DJ Peter Rosenberg made a special appearance at last night’s TNA live event in Brooklyn. He escorted hometown Knockout Rosita to the ring for her win over Gail Kim. Rosenberg prevented Gail from winning with her foot on the ropes.

– Kurt Angle says there are rumors he will be featured in WWE ’13 but also says TNA is working on a new video game. He wrote on Twitter:

“Dont Know Yet If I’ll Be in Wwe ’13. There Are Rumors I am. Tna is In the Process Of Making A New Game. Should Be Cool”

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  • CC

    I bought the TNA one when it came out, I got rid of it within days. I actually did a similar thing with SD vs RAW 08 as well, but kept that one a little longer and didnt think any wrestling game could be worse, but Midway proved me wrong on that.
    If they do another TNA game they seriously need a complete revamp. It was amazing that they did a story mode that only allowed you to play a create a character, and there were no titles in the game.

    On top of that, the moves were so basic. THQ gets a lot of stick for the way the WWE games have deteriorated over the years, but they at least know how to put a wrestling game together for the most part.

    Video games are a great way to get extra exposure, so they need a game that delivers this time, as even Warner Bros passed on the franchise when they purchased Midway, thats how much of a stinker the game was. For a software house that built its name on a fighting game (Mortal Kombat), how could Midway get it so wrong?

  • Austin

    You’re an idiot, Gamecube was super popular and had some of the best wrestling games on it like Day of Reckoning 1 & 2, and Wrestlemania 17 & 19


    if tna new video game anything like the last 1 then its gone b a bomb cuz the last 1 was nt good n i PLAY EVERY WRESTLING GAME THAT HAS EVR CAME OUT except those on GAMECUBE cuz nobody owned one of them systems

  • SYM

    Angle just Trolled us Wrestling Game fans.

  • purcey

    Kurt angle tweeted he was already in, tho.

    God damn you Kurt. Always jumping the gun.