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TNA’s Revealing of They Draws Fans to iMPACT, More Segment Breakdowns

– As noted before, the February 3rd TNA iMPACT scored a 1.31 rating with 1.95 million viewers. The was the second most number of viewers for iMPACT on a Thursday.

In a segment-by-segment breakdown, the Ink Inc. vs. Gunner & Murphy match gained 15,000 viewers and the first Jarrett family segment with The Pope & Brother Ray vs. Samoa Joe & Brother Devon gained 30,000 more viewers. The X Division triple threat lost 15,000 viewers but the segment with Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy gained 45,000 viewers.

The second Jarrett family segment and the taped fist match with Sarita vs. Mickie James gained 45,000 more viewers. The beginning of the main event with Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson lost 208,000 viewers and was the lowest rated segment of the show. The match gained back 134,000 of those viewers for the ending and the revealing of “they.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CC

    I’d like to watch this “fist” match between Sarita & Mickie James as its sounds positively filthy.

  • TomC

    Oh PUH-LEASE, as if I sweat a single drop at/for you. Get over yourself, scooter.

    Incidentally, I AGREE that TNA dropped the ball with the X-Division and Knockouts division – they started out pretty strong, but have lost a lot of ground over the last two years.

    However, ALL originals is NOT going to do it for TNA. As always, they need a COMBINATION of favorites with new developing talent. That’s the way it has been since day one. Anyone who doesn’t get that simply doesn’t get it – period. (Case in point, the “new” NWA).

    ’nuff said

  • misfit del rio

    Ohhh tommy, how wrong you are. I like tna, I’ve been watching tna since the beging when shamrock was the world champion, so suck it scrape. Before dixie and company came along tna was gaining ground, but since then its been going down. Why is it that they had the x division and the best womens division in wrestling and dropped the ball??, yet they keep shoving the wwe rejects down our throats. Push your tna originals not the rejects especially a druggy like hardy. Let’s take a poll: this is to everyone, was the “they” segment any good or was it garbage? And by the way, tommy don’t start a war you can’t win, you mook, just ask cm mark, he got destroyed by yours truly.

  • TomC

    As usual, the only “crock” here are people like “misfit” above (so aptly named) who continue to try to diminish TNA’s slow-but-sure growth and success as a legitimate professional wrestling promotion and contender.

    Keep suckign on your WWE lollipop, “misfit” … TNA isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

  • slim

    I thought Jeff and Ken were the two biggest stars in TNA.

  • misfit del rio

    Lmao, the actual match lost 208,000 viewers, and “they” gained 134,000??, but then everyone realised what a crock “they” is and won’t be tuning in to see that train wreck known as tna.