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Tomko Formally Charged with Robbery, New Video from The NAO, Jericho & James Durbin, More

– Below is the new episode of #OUDK from The New Age Outlaws:

– Mick Foley will be appearing on George Stroumboulopoulos’ CBC talk show in Canada on Wednesday night.

– WWE has released Dolph Ziggler’s new theme “Here To Show The World” on iTunes.

– Wrestling fan and American Idol alum James Durbin will be appearing on Chris Jericho’s Rock of Jericho show this Saturday at 5pm EST on XM channel 164.

– The Wrestling Globe reports that former WWE Superstar Travis Tomko has formally been charged by the state of Florida with robbery by sudden snatching from the incident back on October 11th where he allegedly stole 210 tablets of Oxycodone from a CVS. Tomko, who is currently going through a WWE-sponsored rehab program, was later found in a Chili’s bathroom where he told police he took 178 crushed pills. Tomko will be arraigned in March of 2012.

  • Teran

    You’d think instead of going to all that trouble of robbing a place and crushing 178 fucking pills, you’d just buy some smack and shoot that up instead.


  • venom

    Everytime I go to Chilli’s, I start laughing because I think of Tomko’s incident.

  • Buttercastle

    Hey just cuz Mario and Luigi sometimes collect coins in castles doesn’t mean they are thieves!

    But yeah, it’s hard to respect or look up to any wrestlers, past or present, who do this kind of stuff. They have a great career and doing something dumb basically leaves a bad taste in your mouth every time they are brought up.

  • Philly655

    its not the wrestling business!! its simply peoples personalities and their traits (not all wrestlers are drugged up twats)… theyd probably still be puttin shite in their bodies and robbin people regardless of the wrestling (so your tellin me theres no thieving druggie plumbers for example – yes i’m lookin at you mario & luigi) its just theyre in the spotlight so we just happen to know about it. simples

  • Logan

    Matt and Jeff Hardy, Tomko, Scott Hall are fuckin’ up. Does the pro wrestling business mess you up that bad?!? What shame.

  • bonerjams

    His new theme song sucks
    Give me back the first one please
    And not the remix

  • kennedyniles

    I love Dolph’s new theme and purchased it last night. You guys didn’t mention this, but Cody Rhodes’s new theme was also released last night.

  • Are u serious tomko????