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Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Tapings, CM Punk Notes, DDP Comments on RAW, MVP

– Diamond Dallas Page wrote the following on Twitter last night about being at RAW: “I had Great time promoting the “Very Best of Nitro” on Raw! I hear the WCW DVD is kicking Ass sakes vice … That all because of U Guys Bang”

– MVP will be filming a music video tomorrow for his single “Holla 2 The World.”

– WWE has removed CM Punk’s profile from their website. Also for what it’s worth, all of Punk’s Nexus t-shirts on WWE’s shop website, except the 3x and 4x sizes, are sold out.

– WWE will tape tonight’s NXT and this week’s SmackDown from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. WWE is teasing a confrontation between Randy Orton and Mark Henry on SmackDown while NXT will see another elimination, bringing the field of Rookies to 2. Advertised locally is Orton vs. Christian in a Street Fight.

  • JocT2010

    Its an angle…OPEN YO EYES PPL

  • JocT2010

    They said Punk shirts were pulled!THATS Y HE HAD DA STONE COLD SHIRT ON!!!!!

  • dan

    how can anyone think its not a work? go to raw 4th july spoilers and it says at the end that cena demands to fight punk so maccy v reinstates him…. so obv it was all a work 🙂

  • really!

    work or not it was still a great promo

  • Van Burton

    U have screwed me up the pooch wrestling-edge by not giving me credit for announcing to the world cm punk’s profile had been removed from! Bastards!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’m curious to what will happen with Nexus, it will be 3 sloppy jobbers with no leader. They went from a dominating force to what we have now and when Punk leaves, even lower.

  • Stumpy

    I am utterly amazed at all of the marks out there that think this is real. Read the damn spoiler for July 4! It’s a work. It is planned. Don’t get your panties in a wad. He may be leaving on July 17 but he isn’t really suspended now. Jeez.

  • @Doomsdae: This is all a part of a storyline.

  • BlahH

    its all a swerve

  • Doomsdae

    I don’t care that he bashes the WWE. But at least do it after you leave not while you are still employed by them. I don’t blame Vince for indefinitely suspending him after that. Vince did the right thing only I would have done it in the middle of the “shoot-promo” that Mr. Punk or shall I say Mr. Brooks was cutting. What a loser he is; he lost all of my respect for what he did.

  • Either the demand for those Nexus shirts has suddenly increased.. or the demand has been created by showing the whole world that the t-shirts are sold out.
    Either way profit.