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Top Star’s Contract Expiring In August, Sarita On Facebook, Cookie, More

— Kurt Angle stated during an interview this afternoon with The Fight Show in Canada that his existing contract with TNA Wrestling expires in August.

— Episodes of iMPACT! that have yet to air in the U.K. run Thursdays on Challenge TV. First-run episodes begin next Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

— TNA Knockout Sarita has opened a fan page on Facebook.

— TNA Knockout Cookie celebrates her birthday today as she turns 29 years old.


  • CC

    Hey Thumper!, if you are an adult, shouldn’t you at least be able to spell words like ridiculous?

    Quite frankly, if the rumours of Sting coming to WWE have any reality to them, do you think he will be going full time?
    WWE would almost certainly grant Kurt a contract similar to HBK and Undertaker to get him back in the fold, and away from TNA.

    On the current TNA roster there are a handful of talent WWE would love to have back, and Kurt is most certainly one of them.

  • Matt

    i remember it being a one year deal, maybe it was in august 2010?

  • Gilbert in L.A

    Forgive me if I’m wrong. But didn’t Kurt sign a new deal with TNA, a little while back?

  • mcmax

    thumper, wwe will let Kurt work his own schedule. Probably nix the live events and other criteria so he could go as he chooses.

  • David

    Royal Rumble 2012 winner… Its true, its damn true

  • Automattic

    As much as I would love to see Kurt back in WWE, I just don’t see it happening yet, especially considering the praise he’s given TNA. I envision him doing the one-year contract deal for the next couple of years like Sting has been doing, then possibly finishing up with a WM run in WWE.

    But hey, I’d love to be wrong 🙂

  • Vinny

    its true, Rusty… its damn true!


    kids lol.

    im 24 you twat.

    kurt for gm. hes done it before so hes got experience


    good hopefully he will return to wwe, he is wasted on tna, especially with this new storyline with jeff jarrett.

  • Vinny

    Kurt…. we’ll welcome you back in the WWE with open arms. At least in the WWE your wife won’t leave you for the founder of the company.