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Tough Enough Star at Impact, TNA Planning a Hall of Fame, Impact Post-Show

– TNA President Dixie Carter announced on last night’s live Impact Wrestling that the company will be starting their own Hall of Fame soon. The first inductee will be announced at this month’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Martin Casaus was backstage at Impact last night. He wrote on Twitter:

“Ill be at @IMPACTWRESTLING tonight for thier first live impact show,” he wrote. “I’ve been hearing a lot about #gutcheck #toughenoughgutcheck @TNADixie… At universal studios for @IMPACTWRESTLING. Theres some big time wrestling fans here! Were a special bunch of people. Love it!”

– Below is the post-show from last night:

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I personally think it’s a bit early for a TNA HoF, but first inductee has to be Jeff Jarrett. I’d imagine Sting would/should be next.

  • ChrisDV

    A Hall of Fame? Really?

    The WWE’s was created to honor Andre after he died. This kinda feels like TNA are doing it boost their own egos, especially since other than AJ & (maybe) Angle, no-one in TNA has had a run there worthy of a Hall of Fame.

    Unless they’re using the pre-TNA careers to help validate this, then I really have to question why – The WWE (And ROH to a lesser extent) own pretty much all of the archive footage for anyone who has a HOF-worthy career in TNA. Again, I mean aside from AJ. They can induct Sting or Hogan, and talk about their accomplishments in WCW & what have you… But they can’t SHOW them.

    That being said, am I the only one thinking this is just being done so that Hogan can match Flair in the number of Hall of Fame inductions? Common sense dictates it SHOULD be Jeff Jarrett being inducted, but I can’t help but think they’re going to induct Hogan.

  • SYM

    @Jon-Jon I dont think TNA’s inducting Samoa Joe. I agree TNA will induct either Jarrett or Styles but not Joe, not yet. And I’ll be damn if the induct Sting!

  • marcus

    i think double j or maybe ken shamrock as he was the first champion

  • Jon-Jon

    Jeff Jarrett should get it for sure. Let Styles keep building his legacy and induct him when the time is right. Jarrett, Sting, Styles, and Joe are obvious eventual HOFamers in TNA. Jarrett and Sting should be the first 2 inducted, though.

  • ant

    @misfit del rio thats exactly what i said it should be jeff jarrett or aj styles whos first

  • misfit del rio

    Anyone but the funder J E double F J A double R e double T , and I’m rioting.

  • SYM

    @SpudimusPrime89 TNA are inducting 1 person a year not like WWE whose inducting 10. Plus the WWE had a H.O.F in the early 90s and if u dont count the WWWF years thats about less than 10 years for a Hall of Fame. I hope Martin does Gutcheck he was impressive on TE.

  • simon07

    ‘Their first live show’ – Clearly he is someone who knows the company well, its not as if they had live shows last year.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    I don’t know, 10 years doesn’t seem long enough to develop a hall of fame.