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Triple H Says MMA Needs to Evolve, CM Punk Responds, More

– has excerpted part of Triple H’s interview he did with last week. It should be noted this question wasn’t in the original interview we wrote about. Here’s Triple H’s response when asked about UFC:

Moviefone: How do you think WWE and pro wrestling needs to evolve as UFC and MMA grows in popularity?

“I don’t think we have to evolve. It’s two totally different things. I think now especially there’s this thing like, “oh it’s very similar.”

I don’t see us needing to evolve to what UFC does because quite frankly sometimes the fights are long and boring, guys lying around and sometimes the fights are fast and over in five seconds. I’ve always thought one of the things about us, if you look at us solely from a sports standpoint, is that we always give you a good show. We’re never going to give you a crap game.

I think if anybody needs to evolve, it’s them. Give more of an entertainment standpoint. Give more form; they just have fighters who walk in in T-shirts and shorts and just stand there and then they fight and then they win and then they go “thanks, I’d like to thank my sponsors” and then they leave. The whole world was up in arms when Brock was flipping people off and was cussing at the beer company because they didn’t give him any money and everyone thought, “oh my god, he’s disrespectful,” — the whole world was talking about it. They couldn’t wait to see him get beat up. And then he did well, and he beat some guys and then people jump on his bandwagon going “Brock’s the greatest.” I’m good friends with Floyd Mayweather and Floyd would be the first to tell ya, “I make the most money in boxing and I have the biggest buyers because I have the biggest mouth.” He’d be the first guy to tell you that. That’s what it’s about. Sports is entertainment.”

CM Punk responded on Twitter this afternoon to Triple H’s MMA comments: “RIDICULOUS!!!!! Laugh out loud ignorance.”

Triple H was also asked about the recent article exposing Ric Flair’s troubles. He said:

“Ric is one of my best friends. Ric doesn’t know when to walk away. Ric doesn’t want to be told to walk away. And Ric can’t afford to walk away. Ric has lived every day of his life like it’s the last for almost the fifty years he’s been in the business. In Ric’s mind, it’s still 1982, he’s on top of the world, he’s young, he’s got a lot of money. Ric has never questioned spending. We have a term on the road where if you go out and you have a crazy night that you spent a ludicrous amount of money or you just lose it one day and you can’t go through another airport and you’re trying to get a jet instead, we call it ‘Naitching.’ Ridiculously spending money for no point is called ‘Naitching.'”

  • darryl

    UFC does need to Evolve. It’ll be Much More fun If you throw a ladder in the Match

  • MikeCrazy

    HHH doesn’t know shit. Just look at what going on with Cena. Cena won the title again. What’s the point taking the title away from Cena if you’re going to give it back to him in less than a month. I remember the good’ol day when a person lost they would had to start near the bottom and work their way back to the top. Cena lost the title to Punk, a tournament was held not including Cena, Rey wins but for some stupid reason Rey has to defends his title to Cena on the same night he won it. What the fuck did Cena do to deserve a title shot? HOLY SHIT Cena is 10 times worst than Hollywood Hogan.

  • voice of reason

    well i’ve neen majorly naitching on dvd’s lately i don’t care though it’s alot of fun

  • Robinson

    Whoever feel’s mma needs to “evolve” is an idiot. They don’t talk shit to each other that much bc they respect each other. Plus quite a few of them do talk alot of shit like; sonnen, nick/nate diaz, tito ortiz, etc. MMA is just fine the way it is. HHH has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • vide

    Actually hhh is right..if u notice brock has brought a lot of money to ufc and i think he was the most paid ufc fighter for last year or two yrs ago..anyways, i think hhh is right..ufc can be bigger than boxing if they just let their fighters talk shit to each makes it fun to watch..thats why floyd has big paydays..bcos he likes to talk shit and the more he runs his mouth, the more money comes in, why did yall think the rock and austin were so wasnt the storylines, it was bcos they could talk.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Little kids and fat girls be naitching too much on John Cena.

  • me

    because triple h knows so much about MMA right?

    that guys such a fucking tool.

  • Sean Mooney

    “Ridiculously spending money for no point is called ‘Naitching.’”

    Source: scroll up

  • statix901

    Read the article

  • voice of reason

    hey buttercastle what does “naitching” mean i’ve never heard that word before

    anyways i think hhh needs to evolve the wwe back to the era attitude intensity of wrestling or just evolve from shite to quality

  • Nick Is Awsome

    MMA changing to more of a storyline thing would just be stupid these are real fighters and they have more to focus on like training rather than going over ring spots and storylines. And i dont know what HHH is smoking WWE’s Level of matches have slipped and they do put on crap shows allot.

  • venom

    I have spend over 8 thousand dollars on tattoos. I guess I have been naitching with ink.

  • Valo487

    I think MMA is as boring as it gets, but they’re doing much bigger business than WWE, so I don’t think they need to “evolve.” Maybe in a couple years when the fanbase dies down.

  • Buttercastle

    I naitched so much this summer, mostly on upgrading my transformers collection.