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Two Big Matches Set for WWE’s First-Ever TLC PPV

– Below is the current card for WWE’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view next month:

Tables Match for the WWE Title Match
Sheamus vs. John Cena

TLC Match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles
Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. DX

  • Aj

    Hogan was fed so called monsters every week. Doing the same with cena by the luk of it. DX jerishow. Rather see them against each other than squashing the newer talent.

  • Why Table match

    and not tlc

  • Why Table match

    I agree with the push but why is it a table match.

  • Valo487

    I just think it’s very telling that the crowd is almost completely silent whenever Sheamus shows up, and the way the announcers speak in their quiet, hushed tones so we understand this is “serious” make his matches just so dynamic. Sure, give that guy a title shot…..

  • lazlo woodbine

    sheamus can actually wrestle a bit though, as some fine work for the indys shows. could be ok in the main event, if he gets the chance to show off a bit.

  • Leon

    People it might not be the answer but at least it is a start…I don’t care if sheamus is a flash in the pan….It’s still better than watching the same old sh!t…I approve this push because they are trying…They fail all the time…But once they get something right…Damn it…The will make it great…So patients for everybody…If he doesn’t work then someone will step up like always…

  • Kyle

    Wow! They really should of let Dolph Ziggler win that tournament. If not him, then at least bring over Shelton Benjamin or someone else of high potential. I will never order this PPV. Not a chance. I’d rather see Cena vs. Orton to be honest.

  • DK Monster

    I guess WWE is trying to do the same thing on Sheamus
    that they did with Brock when he made his debut..
    To shoot him straight to the main event level as a
    dominating figure..
    But the sad thing is..
    I just don’t see Sheamus being the next Brock Lesnar

  • Jack Tripper

    The tag title match is the selling point for me and IF the rest of the card is good, than I might actually purchase the PPV. But that WWE title match is so horrible, it’s not even funny. Two guys who are terrible in the WWE title match? I know they’re desperate to create new stars but Sheamus is NOT ready for a WWE title match on PPV. He is awful.

    He’s in the spot Kozlov was in a year ago, doing the same $hit Kozlov was doing; squashing jobbers and fighting for the WWE title. And look where Kozlov is now; on ECW and probably on his way out of the company by the Spring. And that’s exactly where Sheamus will be a year from now.

    I’m not exactly a fan of the guy, but Jack Swagger is more deserving to face Cena that Sheamus. At least Swagger can work and has a better looking future.

  • Thumper!

    Not even Shelton Benjamin or Carlito got a chance to main event a PPV!

    Jericho, Show, and DX for the tag titles?
    Nice job WWE Creative for pushing your “young” stars.