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Ticketmaster.com is advertising two matches for Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view that have yet to be officially announced by WWE.

Advertised for the event is an Intercontinental Championship bout between Dolph Ziggler and Kaval. Also advertised is Daniel Bryan defending the United States Championship against Ted DiBiase.

The officially announced card is as follows:

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena as the special guest referee)
Should Barrett win, Cena is freed from The Nexus. Should Barrett lose, Cena is fired from WWE.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Kane (c)

WWE Divas Championship Match
Natalya vs. Michelle McCool and Layla (c)

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c)

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Tyler Reks

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

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  • here comes the pain

    OR cena screws orton raises barretts hand AA’s him the miz comes down and cena takes him out and stays in nexus saying he knew miz would come down

  • Dave

    The Miz not being in a match tells me that he’ll get involved in the main event in some way. I hope he cashes and wins!

  • RTTP

    when Miz cashes in MITB he is gonna be the first one to lose

  • CrazyDJ

    i think that cena first will screw orton, then if he raises the hand of barret he will hit the A A and then miz will cash in, pins barret en cena quickly counts to 3…

  • CM Lopez

    I say Cena will screw Orton…but then pummel Barret to a point where he would be unconscious. That’s when The Miz will sneak in and cash in his MITB contract and thus win the belt….book it!

  • roy

    @ J….

    if cena is to cost orton the match, that means barrett is champion thus if miz cashes in that has absolutely nothing to do with cena because barrett will have to be champ in order for miz to cash in since cena screws orton and cena will be freed regardless if barrett wins

  • J

    wat would be awesome if he cashed the money in the bank right after Cena costs orton the Title. So he thinks he will be freed from nexus but since Barrett is not the champion and Cena could not raise his hand and award him the title he is fired.

  • Axe

    no miz?? he’s the money in the bank winner and he isnt there in the one of the biggest PPVs??? I think this is intentional, i think he’ll cash in the MITB in the match between barret and orton.

  • In Grind We Crust

    that’s how it’s been since summerslam or whenever Nexus started, who even cares anymore?

  • Jeff

    They’ve done a really crappy job promoting this ppv because they were so stuck on shoving the Cena/Nexus thing down our throats they forgot they have other titles to defend

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