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Another UFC Star Open to Wrestling Career, Mike Tyson Promo with Paul Heyman

– We noted before that Paul Heyman and Mike Tyson were filming promos in Las Vegas for WWE ’13, where Tyson will be a character. Below is one of the Heyman-Tyson promos which appear to be for the game:

– Frank Mir, the former UFC foe of Brock Lesnar, is the latest MMA fighter to say he is open to a career in pro wrestling. In a new interview with The Chronicle Journal, Mir was asked about potentially following Lesnar to WWE once he retires from UFC. Mir replied:

“Not opposed to the idea. I can’t do a back flip or anything.”

  • King Albert

    ^ the promos would be epic.

  • King Albert

    Brock lesnar vs. Frank Mir in WWE… worth money?

  • Big Black Clock

    someones arm is gonna get snapped

  • aszman

    Nelson would also be fun to see in MMA, and so would overeem – just sayin. In japan, a lot of MMA fighters take up pro wrestling on the side at some time.

    Bob Sapp would also be pretty fun to see in WWE.

  • aszman

    he has good body language, facial expressions and it factor – i hate him and think he is a jerk but that would make him a good heal to me.

    he could sell both sides of injuries, teach WWE guys some better submissions, and transferring “hold into hold”, as well as armbar to kneebar, to kneebuster to ankle lock transitions.

    his jujitsu and “grounded” style would be reminiscent of bret hart, ric flair or chris benoit.

    i hate franklin murr but i would support it 100%. i would even be cheering for him by the end. He could go and either attack brock and start a feud OR he could be brocks partner.

    I bet he would be more professional than angle, and would help the other guys learn some things. WWE is an always evolving thing, and more “realism” in certain aspects would be a nice evolution – doesn’t dolph ziggler do a great job of staying on the attack and using a style that in part looks real and painful? i don’t even like dolph. i hate stupid name wrestlers.

  • Lex

    Frank Mir is not athletic. Not athletic big men are boring and stiff. I’d rather have a ex Football player or college wrestler rather than a MMA fighter.

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    Frank Mir is a punk and that would make him the perfect heel. And he may not be able to do back flips but he’ll be able to sell being dazed like no one else considering he’s had a lot of practice doing that lately.

  • sepulz

    I can’t stand Frank Mir.

  • BlaH

    He has the size that Vince loves.