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Ultimate Warrior Calls Out Hulk Hogan, Says “Karma’s Coming To Collect”

Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior posted a video yesterday on YouTube calling out Hulk Hogan in response to comments he made about him in a recent interview with HDNet. The Founding Father of Ring Intensity warns Hogan that he will be revealing truths about him in a video post later this week.

Regarding Hogan, Warrior said, “Hey Terry, I found that bullet man. You know that bullet you were talking about in that sitdown interview when you said, “Ultimate Warrior was given a bullet to kill Hulkamania.” I found it. I found it buried, real deep, inside that huge piece of real estate I still own inside your psyche.

“You know Terry, you’re a real piece of work man, just beautiful in every way. Things you said in that sit-down interview… you know the dots of the statements that you made… and the silly-ass clichés that you used, they just don’t connect man. Someone’s gotta set the record straight. Someone capable. Someone wise enough to do it. And I’m going to do that. I’m going to set the record straight and paint the picture of who you truly are.

“Karma’s coming to collect, Terry. Karma’s coming to collect, big time.”


  • Deezymon

    I hope it’s something real life like and not some kind of setup to a wrestling ppv.

  • Stevie P

    Thing is, Hogan has never gotten over that Warrior beat him. It still nags him and this might be what he’s talkin about.

  • Teran

    Man this is better than wrestling promos!

  • Saintsman

    i just hope what he gots planned actually works ~_~

  • Bcvs

    Hulkogun is an ugly political scumbag.
    I stayed at his place for a week while shooting for ‘Hogan knows best’ and he’s a hideous freak behind the cameras.
    I have some videos on my phone too but will release them after Warrior does.

  • mike hunt

    Warrior stop talking. You are a psycho. Just let me and the few of us who enjoyed you as kids cherish those memories and don’t tarnish them anymore…….

  • Starship Pain

    i like the Warrior, he seems nice and all, but… Please shut up, Warrior, really, you’re embarrassing yourself big time

  • Jim “Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig

    “TAKE THE PLANE INTO A NOSE DIVE!*Snort*…….Hulk Hogan.”

  • cheesehandler

    @Mattitude…at least you know the warriors insane…its hogans closet thats yet to be opened

  • Mattitude

    Let us all believe the comments of a man who has flown off his rocker years ago and legally changed his name to Warrior! Not a fan of Hogan, never have been but if I had to choose… I’d be siding with Hogan. Warrior is just insane, period.

  • ChrisDV

    Oh yeah, Warrior’s going to lay some Destrucity down, HOAKHOGAN!

  • jimbo jones

    ok…the thing is that hogan is the proud pappa of the baby developing in kharma’s body. Warrior just so happened to walk in about that time as hogan was negotiating a warrior/hogan XIII match for TNA bound for glory. So, warrior threatens hogan with some pics and what not which sends the deal of their 100th match out the window. Now here is what was then awesome kong. she beats up bub-buh the love sponge because he then threatens to tell the world of hogan-kong’s behind the scenes relationship. In turn , hogan says “bros before hoes” and kicks kong out of the door and into wwe’s lap. Hogan tells vince to give her a job because he’s not gonna support another baby and definitely not hers. Vince gives her the job, she gets pregnant, and warrior’s videos start to come out….coincidence, I think not.

  • Camille

    He was reading a script…

  • venom

    It’s funny how Warrior’s character took over him. lol. It’s funny, because this sounds like a hype up to a Wrestlemania match. lol.

  • kolton

    why did he have to direct this video at hogan, why didn’t he call him instead? the internet is causing people to lose their social skills.

  • nick

    what a cute promo….. why wait? just say the shit u gotta say now about hogan.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    @Sean…Sarcasm, maybe you’ve heard of it? Or maybe Goku is just an idiot.

  • Sean

    Goku. idiot. Why would Ultimate Warrior talk about an up and coming “diva”?

  • Mike

    He’s probably got some out there story about Hogan and Liz having an affair….

  • cheesehandler

    good!! its about damn time someone put that balding bitch in his place. walking around like his shit dont stink. i hope hogan gets buried like fucks he buried

  • Ron Simmons


  • Goku

    Haha!!! For a moment there i thought he was talking about Kharma.

  • adam tarasievich

    im kind of intrested to see what he has to say. I mean in most places except tna cause they have nothing else hulkamania is dead. I mean every once in a while its kinda entertaining to see him but when you have to see and her hulk every week its really annoying.

  • Name

    What an idiot!
    “Karma’s coming to collect, Terry. Karma’s coming to collect, big time.”

    I hope he doesn’t talk about macho man’s death and that Hogan will die too. What an Idiot is this man.