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– Ariel Helwani of Fanhouse conducted an interview with The Undertaker after Brock Lesnar lost the UFC Heavyweight Title to Cain Velasquez at last night’s UFC 121. As you can see in the video below, there appears to be some tension between Taker and Lesnar.

An interview was later conducted with UFC President Dana White and Helwani brought up the confrontation and asked White about rumors of a Lesnar vs. Undertaker match that WWE was trying to put toogether. White said he hadn’t heard anything about Lesnar returning to pro wrestling and said if Taker and Lesnar had words, it was because they were friends.

Below is video of the Taker-Lesnar confrontation:

  • erik

    mccool sucks she is joke and sucks in ring and deserves to be fired.

  • Tom… just Tom

    That wasn’t much of a “confrontation”. Undertaker talked to him, Lesnar mean mugged him and that was it.

  • RKO20

    Thats the hottest McCool has looked in a long time, maybe because she wasnt talking

  • http://wrestling-edge.com Sam Peters

    Date: Oct 24, 2010 at 12:59 PM
    Bad-*** Taker is back!

    Bad A.S.S Taker is not back, thats how he is like everytime he is out, when him and batista where doing a photoshoot with ricky hatton a couple years ago, he was wearing the clothes like he is now then so keep up with the difference

  • jim

    and out come the wrestling freaks to assume this is vince’s doing for a wrestling bit..lesnar cares nothing about wrestling anymore he wouldn’t ruin what little credibility he has by jumping on the fake wrestling train.this is making a mountain out of mole hill..wasnt a confrontation all taker said is you want to do it lesnar said nothing.geez

  • LVW

    Funny that Taker had to mention the name Cain(Kane) haha.

  • Davey Zoo

    I said this previously… Undertaker to lose, and come back at WM 27 to win World Heavyweight Title. Kane Retires. Undertaker has another match that night to unify the titles and also gets him to 20-0. But this video has confused me???

  • idontknow2

    Bad-Ass Taker is back!

  • Buttercastle

    I was gunna say he’s a little too old to start mma even if he does know some moves. He takes half the year off in wrestling to rest from WM matches, how long would he need after these matches?

  • Craig

    wonder if Vince had anything to do with this, i think Undertaker “do you want to do it” as a possible WrestleMania match

  • simonmdm

    Maybe Lesnar will ‘bury’ The Undertaker tonight?

  • gtatitan7

    i think brock is all hype and always has been!!! he doesnt knw wat the hell he wants to do with him self wrestling? movies? more wrestling? get a big stupid fuckin tat on his chest? marry a washed up whore? mma? and now he let some mexican pounce on him!!! at least he was carried in the wwe by people like taker hahahahaha

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    He said “you wanna do it?” Probably Brock guest hosting or having one last match. Didn’t seem like a beef, but that probably wasn’t the best time for it.

  • 6burgh

    i dont know what the beef is between the 2, but right after loosing the heavyweight title is not the time for it.

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