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Undertaker Concern, WWE Legends Announced for RAW, Khali Update

– There is a lot of concern over The Undertaker right now within WWE. Officials fear that if he can’t be healthy for a WrestleMania 27 match then that’s a huge problem for the pay-per-view.

– The Great Khali is now being advertised for several upcoming RAW live events so it sounds like he may be returning to WWE before the year is over.

– WWE has announced several Legends for the “Old School” RAW on November 15th from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Snuka and Hacksaw Jim Duggan have been confirmed for the show. WWE is advertising that more Legends will also be in attendance.

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  • mikeed8986

    @Sumit go troll somewhere else dude. it’s not my fault the economy is so bad that your dad lost his job and now you can’t go to any wwe shows to see your heroes supercena, “horny” hornswoggle, and the punjabi playboy.

    so go find your father, hug him, and tell him it’s alright that your dreams are forever broken and you will end up in prison in the near future because he messed up your childhood. what’s the worst that will happen?

  • erik

    I mean i have not watch wwe tv programming since early september. As i read the shit that wwe is putting on i am glad i have not. how does anybody over age 10 find old past prime celebs and midgets and cena entertaining. I mean i would rather watch good times on tv land then wwe.

  • Zach V

    jimbo i dont think wwe views it that way but think about it its the biggest mania angle every yr man it helps mania buyrates

  • Jimbo

    its a really worrying state of affairs for a company when your biggest ppv of the year revolves around one person…

  • Sumit

    @ mikeed8986, if u dont wanna c khali change the channel, wwe brings wrestler for wwe universe not for u

  • Iron shiek

    PG era is for fucking faggots!

  • Evil Doink

    Yup, all the same old schoolers I predicted. Half of these guys are currently working for the company, aren’t they?

  • mikeed8986

    yeah. old doodes. that makes me want to watch. don’t get me wrong, much respect but if i really wanted to see them i would watch their old matches. most likely they’re just gonna play around with “h0rny” hornswoggle.

    please no more punjabi playboy. the guy’s a major oaf in the ring. nobody wants to see him karate chop jobbers over the head and kiss “fat girls”. see what i did there??? i miss heel batista…