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Undertaker Hospitalized After WrestleMania 30, Reportedly Suffers Concussion

There are reports that The Undertaker may have suffered a concussion during his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 last night, and while these are not confirmed, it is certain Undertaker was taken to the hospital in an ambulance immediately after the show ended.

Taker will remain at the hospital overnight for various tests to be run, and it is thought those will determine whether or not he suffered a concussion, as well as addressing issues with his neck which he has had problems with in the past.

The injury was reportedly sustained in an early spot where The Undertaker took a bad bump on the floor following a single-leg from Lesnar.

Finally, the injury played no part in the final outcome with Lesnar always scheduled to go over. On the shock result, very few people backstage were aware of the plan for Undertaker to lose and his streak to be broken.

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  • Stumpy

    Exactly. When Hogan slammed Andre, he was still young and up and coming. He went on to wrestle, constantly, for two more decades. Brock will probably quit again when his contract is up and try his hand at MMA again. He does nothing worthwhile for the fans or the business end of the company. He is in it for himself and nothing more. Just my .02

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    What i don’t get is, if you are gonna give the win to somebody then why a very late 30’s part time guy like Lesnar and not somebody who’s up and coming?? it was pointless

  • Solid

    Should have been either to Punk last year to cement his status and carry the company going forward, or to Orton during his legend killer gimmick imo.


    I would have rather seen john cena break it…He may not be a crowd favorite within adults but nobody can say he’s not loyal to the company…When was the last time cena through a hissy fit and took his ball and went home… it would have been great for a newcomer but make him sign a huge contract if you’re gonna beat taker

  • Stumpy

    “very few people backstage were aware of the plan for Undertaker to lose and his streak to be broken.”

    That’s because it was stupid to break the streak to a part timer. If it had to be broken, allow a full time, up and comer to break. A Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, or even a Roman Reigns. Not Brock Lesner, Mr. Part Time, I’m Better than Wrestling, I Don’t Need It.