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Undertaker recalls Mr McMahon calling him to work for WWE


We noted before how the Dead Man The Undertaker was recently interviewed by Ed Young, and it was one of those rare occasions when Taker came out of his character to talk about stuff.

During the conversation, The former World Champion talked about the longevity of his career and said that to keep a character relevant for so long you have to keep your finger on the pulse of things.

Taker also recalled the first time Vince McMahon called him about working for WWE and revealed that the Boss already had the idea for his gimmick at the time:

“I got the call from Vince. The call was something like this. The phone rings. I pick it up. ‘Hello?’ ‘Is this The Undertaker?’ ‘Undertaker? Yeah, this is The Undertaker.’ ‘Haha! Alright then. Can you be up here tomorrow?’ And the next day I was on a plane. That was Vince, [he] called me. He had this character. The original character was based on an old western undertaker. At the time, people were just so enthralled with it because it was so different.”

Do check out Undertaker’s rare interview in the video below. His comments about Vince McMahon’s call are at the very beginning of the video:

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