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Why Undertaker Hasn’t Returned Yet, WWE Not Inducting Kamala?

– We noted before that WWE reached out to Kamala for induction into the 2013 Hall of Fame. There’s no word yet if Kamala accepted the invite or planning to accept but there was talk over the past few days that former WWWF Champion Ivan Koloff may be inducted in Kamala’s place.

– There was talk at Monday’s RAW that one of the reasons The Undertaker didn’t make an appearance at the Royal Rumble is because he’s not so sure that he will work WrestleMania 29 now.

The plan had been for Taker to wrestle CM Punk but WWE officials are still waiting on Taker’s decision. There’s a feeling among some within WWE that Taker will end up wrestling but the discussion at RAW was they may have to come up with another WrestleMania storyline for Punk.

Source: PWInsider

  • D2K

    So are the rest of the guys his age. o_O

    If he is in such bad shape then just retire. What is the purpose of stringing this along for? As the fans want is an honest answer instead of spin.

  • D2K

    Which is exactly why WWE will make it happen.

  • Prince

    Fatal Four Ways and Triple Threats sucks at WrestleMania. Always have.

  • Prince

    Not happening this year.

  • D2K


  • D2K

    I’m envisioning at least a Triple Threat. John Cena’s RAW promo this week kinda tipped that off.

  • KyB27

    that would be an awesome storyline i agree with you, but WWE ain’t gonna make that happen you and I know that. Let’s see what happens though maybe it will..

  • Dr,Dre

    Undertaker should return under one way possible… save the WWE from Paul Heyman and this team of cm punk, Brock, the shield,and Maddox.
    It should be team heyman beating up on john cena, the rock, HHH,…suddenly the lights turn and we hear undertaker music hit…he slowly walks down to the ring everyone is freaking out and team heyman leaves the ring…that would be epic

    i kinda want to see a fatal four way for the WWE title with John Cena vs Cm punk, vs undertaker, vs the rock…how cool would that match be? talk about the undertaker’s steak being on the line..

  • D2K

    It would be stupid to have Taker face Punk in the first place. Taker has already beaten him at least twice so it’s not like there would be any real intrigue that Punk could be the one to ‘end the streak’. How gullible do they think we are?

    Had they of let Punk keep the title then it could have been streak vs. streak. As usual, WWE takes whatever good ideas that actually come up with and destroy them. They ruined things and they are scrambling to fix it.

    They only way that they could salvage this is if Taker winds up facing Brock Lesnar. REMEMBER. It was Triple H himself that said that we have not seen the last of the Undertaker. Since Triple H already got hi butt kicked by Brock Lesnar and admitted that he is done, it could be that the McMahon/Levesque regime enlists the services of the Undertaker to stop Brock Lesnar. Everyone is expecting Triple H to save the day for his dear old daddy-in-law, but it would be a HUGE swerve to throw Taker in there instead.

    I’m giving WWE way too much credit though.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It’s to late to build a taker match now

  • David

    ur missing the point. Mark is in bad shape from wrestling all those years. He wants to make sure that he’s able to perform at top level before making a return.

  • Omar

    Common Mark, its not like they are asking you to job to Phil……are they?

  • Prince

    Way to fuck everything up Taker. What the hell is Punk gonna do now that’s anywhere near that important of a match?