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Undertaker Wrestling at Extreme Rules?, Antonio Cesaro Grants Wishes

– Antonio Cesaro granted several wishes with WWE and Make-A-Wish while the company was in Switzerland earlier this month. These are Cesaro’s first wishes as a WWE Superstar. He was also named WWE’s Swiss Make-A-Wish Ambassador. Here are some photos:

Cesaro Wish 1

Cesaro Wish 2

Cesaro Wish 3

– The Undertaker was not scheduled to wrestle at May’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view but with CM Punk missing the show and John Cena possibly being off the pay-per-view due to his injury, there is now talk that Taker may be brought in to add star power to the line-up.

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  • Jason Lentini

    Well so far Taker has wrestled 3 televised events this year & apparently a handful not televised. This could herald the twilight of his career and maybe he doesn’t wanna go out on just working one date a year. With any luck either way if he’s able I’d like to see Taker on a more consistent basis again before he calls it a day.

    As putting Ambrose over since there is no match its pure speculation at this point whom it would be against (but it does make some sense to be Ambrose or at least someone from The Shield), what type of match, and if its a single, tag, trio, or handicap match.

    In regards to Buried Alive that’s been done before and it would be easily predicted that Taker would lose to set up his absence til Mania and I doubt even creative would do that again. However it would be a shock to see Taker win a BA match. Then I can see people trending #BuryingTheShield lol

  • Scooter

    The ambassador role will help him get there, or it at least means his job is secure for a while

  • If Undertaker does work Extreme Rules then it would be great but at same time it could be bad for him unless if he feels he can work this and be ready in time for WM30, put him and Ambrose in an Extreme Rules match but maybe they could sort the Arena out and make it a Buried Alive match….it would be a way to give a big win to Ambrose and a chance to write Undertaker off WWE TV till WM season again

  • Man

    Its good to see Antonio Cesaro granting wishes but its sad that WWE is not granting him his wish to be a main event superstar. He does not deserve to be a jobber for the talent that he has.

  • Jeff N

    Or just bring Punk back

  • d_pooch

    At least get Jericho v. Fandango on the PPV card…