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– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on January 13th in Yakima, Washington drew 4,800 fans for $115,000
* RAW on January 14th in Sacramento, California drew 6,500 fans for $190,000
* SmackDown on January 14th in Vancouver drew 4,000 fans for $140,000
* RAW on January 15th in Oakland, California drew 5,500 fans for $200,000
* SmackDown on January 15th in Prince George, BC drew 4,000 fans for $125,000

– No word yet if Alberto Del Rio will be in the Royal Rumble main event this year but the last we heard was that he likely wouldn’t be back in time.

– Ric Flair has admitted privately that the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame appearance is not a done deal legally and referred to getting TNA’s approval as a “technicality.”­­­­

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Tyler(:

    CM Mark just says that because he only get’s an erection over CM Punk, overated fuck.

  • venom

    I hope Flair’s speech is only 5 minutes and the other Horsemen get more time.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I forgot about Alberto Del Rio lol.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Have to disagree with your comment that Flair IS the horsemen.
    Flair was a member of the Horsemen but Ole and Arn are what made them (emphasis on Arn).

  • Houndy

    @CM Mark. I couldn’t agree more. His record wore out quickly and it didn’t appear to have a B side.

  • CM Mark

    I haven’t noticed Del Rio is even gone. Yep, that’s how boring he is. Take your time berto, take your time.

  • Justin Sane

    I personally wish Arn Anderson was inducted as an individual.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Joshy
    Wrong post dude

    I agree Flair needs to step out of the spotlight. But we’re talking 4 Horsemen. Flair IS the Horsemen

  • stockshark

    Seriously stay home Flair and finally let the other Horseman have some of that good ole Spotlight!

  • Joshy

    Hope these cars get a concrete pour courtesy of stone cold steve austin

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