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Update on Brooke Hogan’s TNA Role

– According to Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan will be on TNA television. In response to a question about whether she would be on camera or not, Hogan tweeted the following:

not wrestling but in the Karen Jarret type role,kinda. HH

  • Shannon

    I raider watch tna then wwe because it started to suck big time! Don’t get wrong I like cm punk and undertaker! But way they got show going over Monday raw going with raw GM manger it sucks!
    That what why I would watch tna impact wrestling!
    Look at this way,went they fired someone from wwe they end up in tna!!!!!

  • prince albert

    read up the top to see why TNA sucks. you have any idea how to stay on topic? or are you here to be an assclown?

  • SYM

    @ prince albert THE F*** U talkin bout Bitch? U cant provide a Comeback to me Gunnin ur Simple Jack head Ass. U a TNA Hating Troll. U are good at providing Stale repetitive reasons on why u think TNA sucks. F*** outta here.

  • CC

    Whats sad about this situation with Hogan and Bischoffs kids getting jobs like this is that they have no talent, yet there are guys in WWE who are sons and daughters of wrestlers with bucket loads of talent who dont get the respect they deserve. For every Randy Orton, there are at least two or three talented second generation (third in some cases) wrestlers who WWE has just failed to push properly.
    The likes of Mcgilicutty, Natalya, Tamina and Harry Smith are prime examples of this.
    I certainly prefer WWE to TNA, but both companies have their faults thats for certain, and the one they share is failing to push the right people. Every now and then they both come through, but it will always sadden me as to how many great talents (not just 2nd gen guys) just dont get the pushes they deserve while others who dont deserve it get pushed to the moon.

  • prince albert

    @ Sym you’re steering wayyyy past the issue… TNA is shit and is dying… Stay on the topic or GTFO. only a retard can’t hold a conversation.

  • John

    Yeah sure Bischoff and Hogan’s kids got an easy pass into the wrestling business. But I’m sure they’d both really really prefer it if their dad’s were still working for the wwe. That way they could both be a part of a show people actually watch.

  • SYM

    @ prince albert I love how as soon as One or Two people talk Shit on someone a 3rd Person jumps in for feedback & relevance. Faggot is a word used by Morons like you that sit there in their Mother’s basements and Hop on a Site like this & feel Squared so they Call others out. I’m a Wrestling Fan Bitch, Not a TNA Mark, Not a WWE Mark, but a Fuckin Wrestling Fan so get ya Shit Straight.

  • prince albert

    @ sym cena maybe shit but a faggot TNA mark cant talk shit about him, Cena could outdrawn TNA by rapping and making stupid noises.

  • misfit del rio

    Jesus, hell just froze over, Mark is giving me credit. Wow….. I was just going to say where’s my ol’ buddy at? Now Mark and yours truly had some great banter, these kids now a days don’t know what’s up. And for Mark to say he respects cena in saying something… and here I thought we both had retired from the game, lol.

  • misfit del rio

    Jesus, hell just froze over, Mark is giving me credit. Wow….. I was just going to say where’s my ol’ buddy at? Now Mark and yours truly had some great banter, these kids now a days don’t know what’s up.

  • CM Mark

    I can’t believe I have to agree with misfit.

    Cena and Punk at MITB 11 was an epic match. Cena did moves he never does and if they would let him, or if he wanted to, he could be a really good wrestler. Much better than Hogan could have ever been.

    Also, Cena has went out of his way to put Punk over the past yeat I felt.

    Currently, I don’t like him any more than I did to begin with. He still hasn’t changed, he needs to turn heel already, or something new. But he has my respect.


    So Hogan brings in his ugly talentless daughter and that’s gonna help the ratings?

  • Mongo

    Hey cena may have the 5 moves of doom but he will never be able to compare to Jericho being the man of 1004 moves.

  • misfit del rio

    @ ant you apperantly never saw the iron match man match between cena and michaels from Monday night raw in england a couple of years back, yes Michaels ir a ring general, but it takes 2 to tango. Jericho has sad Cena doesn’t ge the credit he deserves. And after deading your post again, you just made the same point I made. And Sym, again I’m a wrestling fan, not a wwe mark there’s a differene, Hogan came along at the right time. Wrestling would’ve survived wether that jack off was ever around or not.

  • Jimbo

    Guys, this a message board. It’s serious business.

  • keylo

    Carter said: “I have really got to know Brooke by working with her on her music career this past year and a half. “When we did talk wrestling, I not only loved her passion and knowledge of it, but the fresh, creative ideas she would come up with.A big personality runs in her genes, obviously, and I know she is going to take an already exciting division of Impact Wrestling to another level.”

    Taken from an interview with The Sun newspaper.

    Like what the fuck, could she not ask the likes of Tara, Mickie or even Gail for fuckin ideas if she that desperate ?

  • Tyler(:

    @ant What are you on about, I’m “sticking up” for Cena.

    What, the, fuck.

  • ant

    @misfit del rio & tyler…so are u 2 implying that cena cant put on a great match cuz i will argue with your ass till i die on that one ive seen him make the great khali look good in a match and his matches he had with cm punk at mitb and summerslam were classics

  • Tyler(:

    Wrong way round smiley but atleast you tried.

    Not stating what Hogan did wasn’t impressive, but now he’s a good-for-nothing company ruiner. Hogan should retire and go away from any spotlight until he dies, have a quiet retirement, TNA would still be an alternative if he didn’t go and sign his buddies.

    also, who ever Hogan had a match with did nearly all the work, so technically Hogan TOOK the credit, not earned it.

  • SYM

    @Tyler:) WWE was the First to get their $hit on TV & sell out Arena’s thanks to Hogan. Sure Wrestling was popular in the 1950s when Lou Thesz was around but the Shit died down for a little bit until Hogan came on the scene in the WWF. There would be no WrestleMania or a WWE if it wasn’t for Hogan. Vince has stated that before.

  • SYM

    @misfit del rio You a retard who probably don’t know how it all started if u honestly dont think Hogan was the prime reason for WWE’s success. While those are all good wrestlers they Didn’t help build WWE. Congratulations you know good Wrestlers but honestly without Hogan where would the WWE be & without the WWE how would they be significant?

  • Tyler(:

    Tyler(:* there’s another Tyler on here, so don’t forget my Smiley. and I’m not up his “ass” I just decided to prove you wrong.

    And no, Hogan didn’t make WWE/Wrestling Massive. but after watching TNA for the past 2 years, you’re right about him making “Bitch Wrestling”. Wrestling was popular way before Hogan was around and it’s more popular now he’s a washed-up old fool.

  • misfit del rio

    Yeah no…. fuck hogan. If it wasn’t for Flair, Hart, benoit (yes), masa chono, negro casas, jericho, owen, eddie, I wouldn’t be a wrestling fan. See the common thread there, dummy. Those guys are/were great wrestlers…. hogan is garbage.

  • SYM

    Well excuse me Tyler! Im not up Cena’s ass like you. Oh and without Hogan the WWE, John Cena, and most likely Bitch Wrestling fans like misfit del rio & Tyler wouldn’t exist. He MADE THE SHIT SUCCESSFUL!

  • Tyler(:

    Knew it would have a real wrestling name 😉

  • misfit del rio

    @ tyler lmao…. but its a rocker dropper…. and you idiots do know, that before he (Cena came to wwe, he actually wreslted) wwe just sets the move list, not his fault, all these so called maks, and yet you complain and look silier then the so called “kiddies”. Hint hint sym, ant, and all you other drones. And Hogan can’t wrestle worth dick even in the awa he sucked.

  • CC

    @Sym, you do realise that most people on this site dont actually like Cena? And Hulk 2 moves Hogan as well for that matter.

  • Tyler(:

    @SYM 1. Arm Drag, 2. Bulldog, 3. Leg Drop/Fameasser from the rope thing, 4. Five Knuckle Shuffle, 5. STF, 6. AA.

    :O! 6? !!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!

    Shut it, son. Brooke Hogan’s pitchy ass voice will get 10-15 minutes of segments.

  • paul keene

    i hope tna hiring brooke hogan helps raise their ratings because iam a fan of tna the wwe sucks

  • ant

    @SYM..i totally agree with u too many people be bitchin and complainin like i figure shes only gonna be on screen for like one segment a week so why complain ya know

  • SYM

    I hate how u guys Bitch & moan about Hogan & Bischoff’s kids being in TNA. But if a guy with 5 Moves is the Face of the biggest Wrestling Company in the World yaw are all for it -_-

  • MJ





  • dlb

    yay more non wrestling time wasters, i’m so excited!