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Update on Cena vs. Del Rio and Plans for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV

– Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena is currently planned for SummerSlam, with either the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Title on the line.

When WWE first booked Extreme Rules, they weren’t planning on having the Draft first. Alberto Del Rio has been planned to win the World Title at the pay-per-view, and then he would have moved to RAW in the June Draft with The Miz keeping the WWE Title at Extreme Rules and taking the belt to SmackDown in June.

With the Draft being held early, there is a strong possibility now that Christian will win the World Title at Extreme Rules. If Christian wins, this would be the third pay-per-view since the Royal Rumble where Del Rio was scheduled to win the title but didn’t.

With Vince McMahon changing things and bringing the Draft sooner in hope of locking in the SummerSlam main events early, plans will be changing.


  • Nicholas G

    Man I wouldn’t cry so fast about Del Rio not winning the World title sooner or later he is going to be a WWE or World champion. An is going to make a great champion once it happens. I mean the fact he is in the title picture in a short amount of time since he has been there tells you they have high hopes on him in the WWE or World titles. Del Rio is off to a good start in his career with the WWE going to make a great champion very very soon. Love him as a heel a specially on Monday night Raw.

  • adam

    I like that christian will win the title. I think miz will keep it for a while and he might not of gotten drafted to smackdown but he will get “traded” there or maybe there will be a match to unify the titles.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Christian has earned a World Title. TNA doesn’t count. GO CHRISTIAN!!

  • Starship Pain

    On one side, it would be the better for Christian if they give him the strap, cause is the only hope he got to win it, as Vince is still the big man there…

    On the other side… Alberto deserve and need the belt, he’s really awesome as a heel and he can be hated even more if he becomes champ so soon… it can help Alberto and WWE…

  • Jay EZ

    Christian does deserve it more…both world titles on 1 show…stupid. and why aint the ic title on raw?

  • Trixie

    i hope christian gets the title.

  • Bill

    How about having Cena vs. Del Rio………. WITHOUT A TITLE? It would be pretty interesting…..

  • RAW GM

    Morrison Vs Miz Vs Cena – All Raw guys
    Christian – SD Guy Vs Alberto Del Rio – Raw Guy

    Since there is 1 Smackdown guy I am still calling Christian to win World Title

  • Simon

    Agreed 100% with Jimbo. As much as it sucks Edge had to retire for Christian to get this shot, its probably the best chance he will EVER get in his career to get the title.

  • Kannon

    Have a feeling Christian is gonna get the title cause EDGE might have asked Vince to do so as a favor.

  • Jimbo

    Oh please please please, let it be Del Rio vs Cena for the WWE title and let Christian win the WHC for just once in his career!

  • SusyRko

    Alberto vs Cena in Summerslam with Del Rio winning is better idea, but a clean win

  • Edge-3000

    That sucks for Del Rio