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As reported on Wrestling-Edge, John Cena suffered an eye injury during his match with Bray Wyatt at a WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend.

The culprit is reportedly Bray Wyatt, braying Cena so hard it caused his eye to swell completely shut. To try and detract viewers from the seriousness and abrasiveness of the eye injury, Monday’s Raw cameras were supposed to shoot Cena from a distance.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time Cena has been poked in the eye by Wyatt – it also happened whilst he was performing under the Husky Harris gimmick in Nexus. Wrestling Observer reports at that time, Wyatt was sent back to development for the incident because he did not “apologize to Cena enough.” This time around, the punishment won’t be as severe, but he will likely be reprimanded backstage for the incident.

  • Miguel Villarruel

    WHAT? That’s so stupid! What a bunch of idiots. And I bet that Cena is one of the people behind that, he wants an apology. Everybody says he’s surely a great human being outside the ring, but I highly doubt it. He’s some kind of jerk who wants to get the upper hand in everything, even if it’s by ridiculous ends. For example: They’re going to push Barrett… “NO! Please, DDT me in the concrete, so I can make a glorious comeback and beat three guys after that.”
    Undertaker can’t beat The Great Khali unless he beats the living sh*t out of him with a steel chair… “But I gonna beat him clearly with an FU”. Every wrestler who was stripped of the belt because of injury, gets a match for the title when he’s back, but never wins the match. If he’s lucky, he gets the title back after two or three matches. “BUT NOT ME! I get injured when I’m not the champion, but WWE announce my return from injury, and magically, out of nowhere and for not reason, I get a title match, that I’m going to win because I’m Cena and I can’t lose.”

    I still can’t believe they give Bryan the chance to beat Cena in a clean, fair and square way in SummerSlam.

  • corijei

    Damn Bray, I know most of us are sick of Cena but don’t blind him. lol

  • Qinno

    Bray Wyatt is the new Face of Fear…. he deserves every push he gets

  • #turnCENAheel

    i like bray even more now
    #turnCENAheel #orpokehimintheeye

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