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Update on Chris Jericho’s WWE Future – What He’s Advertised For Through 2012

– While reports are that Chris Jericho will be finishing up with WWE soon, advertising indicates that he will be with the company through August’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Jericho is currently advertised for RAW live events through the RAW Supershow on June 4th. He will then hit the road with Fozzy in the UK from June 6-10th and will host the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London on June 11th.

Based on advertising, Jericho will return to work with WWE on June 15th. He is advertised for WWE events from then through SummerSlam on August 19th – including No Way Out on June 17th and Money in the Bank on July 15th.

Jericho and Fozzy will participate in the Rockstar Uproar Tour from August 15th through September 30th. WWE is not advertising Jericho for any events after SummerSlam until October. He is also advertised for WWE’s overseas tour in late October.

  • John

    If that’s all Jericho’s gone for than I think that’s fair. After all he’s done nothing but put people over since coming back. I thought he was leaving for an extended period of time. But 6 weeks is fair.

  • Tyler(:

    There’s another Tyler here ant, so clarify next time. and When have I said The Rock is a better wrestler than Chris Jericho? you’re just cleary “on” Jericho’s “nuts”.

  • ant

    @Robinson yeah u clearly dont know what a great match is cuz that was DEFINITELY one of them so the fact that u said that just made u completely invalid and @Tyler get off dwaynes nuts already Jericho in my opinion is shitloads better than The Rock wrestling wise

  • JohnCena33

    Jericho should win MITB. Cash it on same night. Then succesfully defend it at Summerslam. The lights go out, the title is left in the middle of the ring when lights come back on and Jericho is nowhere to be found.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Neither “The Rock” or “Jericho” are sell outs as they did indeed return to the Wwe and kept there word. “Selling Out” is compromising one’s integrity for money or fame which is basically Ric Flair heading to TNA after a huge emotional fair well ceremony because he needed the money.

    They are both entitled to broaden to other endeavours and last I checked both Jericho and The Rock did appear in Wwe either in person or via live screens. They never turned their back on the company so I doubt they are sell outs.

  • Tyler(:

    Ant, your point turned Invalid when you made it basically personal against The Rock.

  • Robinson

    Ant your an idiot. I respect the undertaker but its time he hangs up his boots before he really hurts himself. That matvh wasnt even that good anyways compared to all his other wm matches. All his wm mqtches are the same IMO, they fight, each gets atleast 2 finishers then he wins. and plus Brock lesnar was dissing wwe the whole time he was gone. And now he gets a 5 million contract for 40 events?! He was never even that good as a professional wrestler except for a few matches. Brock is like bobba fett, all hype no substance. The rock owes nobody in wwe or fans anything.

  • Eddie Money

    Gotta hand it to Jericho. On paper, it seems like it’s going to be a rough couple of months for him in terms of traveling and work.

  • ant

    yeah u respect the rock cuz he came back for a teeny bit to beat up cena huh well i say they should have gave that spot the Triple H/Undertaker match cuz THERE match was better than Dwaynessss and i hope he comes back just to get that ass kicked by Brock Lesnar

  • Tyler(:

    Jericho’s left for 3 years overall, distanced himself from the WWE in them periods.

    Difference is I respect Jericho and Rock, you’re invalid point is purely against The Rock.

  • ant

    ummm last i checked Chris Jericho didnt leave for 7 years and say he didnt want to be associated with the WWE and change his name then come back out of the blue like nothing ever happened

  • Tyler(:

    “WHEN PEOPLE HAVENT SEEN U IN AWHILE” – Contradiction, as you’re insulting the rock. 7 years – A While.

  • ant

    @Tyler man do u even know what makes a good return? WHEN PEOPLE HAVENT SEEN U IN AWHILE,when Jericho made his debut it got a MASSIVE reaction and when he returned the first time to interrupt Orton the crowd went nuts and this LAST TIME the crowd went apeshit when jerichos music hits my point is that returns are Jerichos thing so hes gained that respect to come and go as he chooses which some people havent

  • ant

    @Devil Rising hes never won the U.S. title,mitb,royal rumble,or king of the ring and hes never faced The Undertaker at wrestlemania

  • Devil_Rising

    I think he’s done soon, for the next few months, because Fozzy has a new album coming out soon (I do believe), and they have tour dates coming up. Then he’ll be back for SS maybe. But really, he doesn’t even “need” to be in the WWE anymore, he’s accomplished everything a wrestler ever could, really.

  • Robinson

    If Jericho’s band was making the kinda money the rock makes on movies Jericho wouldn’t come back so to all the rock hates need to shut up BC its getting .

  • Tyler(:

    I’d like to see how Jericho leaves for “short amounts of time”

  • Prince

    He didn’t say Jericho has never left. He said he actually does what he says and comes back, and for long periods of time, and then isn’t gone for long. Unlike The Rock who disappeared for 7 years, and now is gone again for who knows how long. That’s all he’s saying. Jericho said he’d only be gone for that short tour, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Then he’ll be back right away again.

  • Tyler(:

    ant, clearly you forget the two times Jericho has left before.

  • ant

    fuck the rock i respect chris jericho more cuz when he says hes coming back HE COMES BACK unlike Dwayynneee(in CM Punk voice)

  • TheSheepDog

    ant why you trying to antagonise all the rock lovers, let the article speak for itself in saying fact from fiction about who loves wwe universe ‘legitimately’

  • ant

    now all the y2j haters who said hes a sellout for leaving can shut the hell up cuz hes only gonna be gone for a short amount of time