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Update on Edge, JBL Comments on Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, CM Punk Note

– Rob sent word that WWE has edited CM Punk out of the Nexus entrance video.

– Aaron sent word that SyFy writer Nora Zuckerman revealed on Twitter that former WWE Superstar Edge will appear on next week’s episode of Haven and a few more episodes this season.

– The Miz will be appearing at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow night as he throws out the first pitch for the Los Angeles Angels vs. Cleveland Indians baseball game.

– Former WWE Champion JBL is back with a new video blog where he discusses fans thinking Alberto Del Rio stole his gimmick and more. You can watch it here:

  • venom

    Alberto Del Rio is a combination of Eddie and JBL. Del Rio is doing good.

  • cheesehandler


  • The Killswitch

    How the hell is anyone supposed to believe that the Nexus is even together anyway?

  • jay are

    wrestlemania a match with alberto derio vs. jbl. alberto has a face only a mother or gaybird can luv. delrio talks like hes got a dildo up his anus[maybe he does! who knows]. bring back jbl hes the man!

  • Seth

    I love the video, but you can’t say something then say you aren’t insinuating the same thing you just said.

  • Nin

    Who cares wat that racist tool rko misses ..but jbl was a great heel

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    Great guy deffo subscribing to him
    truly missed in the E

  • albert

    I like del rio if he stole jbl his gimmick he is doing an excellent job with it

  • rko

    I too miss JBL. He was a great heel.

  • JIR

    that’s what I was thinking. Truly miss JBL though he brought a great presence to the WWE

  • Andy

    I’ve got to say…I hated JBL’s character, which of course made me hate him in real life. Couple that with the stories you hear about how he was such a hardass on the new guys coming in (i.e. the Miz) and its easy to dislike him. But after watching this video, he seems like a helluva guy and someone I’d love to play a round of golf with!