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Update on HBK Appreciation Night, Vince & Michael Cole’s Character, More

– WWE’s average attendance at domestic live events in June was 4,501 – down 22% from 5,771 in June of 2011. One could blame the economy but in comparison, attendance for Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer are both up this year while the Women’s NBA is even with last year.

– It was noted that Vince McMahon wanted the RAW 1000 show to be completely positive and made the call not to humiliate Jim Ross as he often likes to do. Vince has been trying to soften Michael Cole’s character lately, as to not be an outlandish heel. Vince seems to change his view on Cole’s character often but realizes that he can’t make him a typical face announcer at this point.

– As of this week, plans are for the Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night festivities to be held off-camera at RAW from San Antonio, Texas next Monday. A source expects that to change and Michaels be featured on TV in an angle with Brock Lesnar.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Apacaveli

    I Feel Some Sweet Chin Music Coming For Big Bad Brock Lesnar Courtesy Of HBK The ”Heart Break” Kid Shawn Micheals……..

  • Tyler(:

    I like the way you say done “Little with him” when you know fuck all about the contract he’s been given, there could of been many different terms of reasons on why he isn’t a regular.


  • Jim

    Less than Major League Soccer is a joke says it all really, when the least popular sport in the US (despite being the most popular in the world) gains more figures than WWE.

    As for the Brock Lesnar storyline this has been so predictable since he took out HHH. WWE have wasted their money by signing Lesnar because they have done little with him.

  • Jay

    LOL @ average attendance of 4501. Thats beyond pathetic. The WWE SUCKS