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Update on Kevin Nash’s WWE Status

Earlier today, we reported that it appeared Kevin Nash was injured at Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. After taking a sledgehammer shot to the head by Triple H during the Triple H vs. CM Punk main event, a WWE official checked on Nash and did the “X” hand sign over his head – indicating a legitimate injury.

After speaking with a reliable WWE source, Nash is said to be fine and was just selling the sledgehammer shot.

Kevin Nash was not on RAW tonight because he is headed to Los Angeles, California to begin filming the movie Magic Mike.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    I am sure the guys with the plastic gloves came out.

  • breezy

    as soon as they put up that nash was legit. injured everyone talked shit about how he waseasily broken. now they say he is ok, everyone is a fan now?

  • El Dandy

    The X sign at house shows is BS too. Manchester in 2004, Garrison Cade “hurt” his knee. They threw up the X and he was getting carried out until Rhyno turned his back and Cade jumped him.

  • Sammo

    The X sign is still legitimate at house shows and when cameras aren’t running, Truthiness.

    It’s only when you see it on TV that you know it’s blatantly part of the script.

  • nWo

    The only way I want to see Nash back is with the co-conspirators of Miz and Truth, with John Lauranitis in charge of the group. Make sure to like Nonstop Wrestling Online on Facebook…

  • Truthiness

    Giving the X sign hasn’t been a signal of a legitimate injury since the IWC found out it was the sign for legitimate injuries. They do it all the time for scripted injuries. Sometimes I think the people propagating these types of stories don’t actually watch the shows.

  • Gary

    I agree, Nash has put over a younger superstar..Myself am a huge Nash fan but i tip my hat to him, looks like he is wising up

  • Jason

    Yes it is good as Kev seems to honestly want to put over other people now.

  • KitKrock

    That’s good then, I guess.